How to Get Rid of Large Pores? – Best Ways to Reduce Appearance of Large Pores

how to get rid of large pores

If you are scrolling through this page, then surely you are tired of the issue of large pores. We have got all the information you need to know like, what causes large pores, large pores treatment, and how to remove them. There are two types of pores present on a person’s skin; one releases sweat, and the other release sebum (body’s natural oil).

Sometimes the pores that release oil become enlarged. Pores appear like orange peel and cause the face to look aged and dull. Pores often lead to skin problems like acne and blackheads, which affect your overall look. Now you must be thinking what are effective open pores treatments or how to get rid of large pores? Here is all you need to know.

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What Causes Large Pores?

Pores are the tiny holes present on a person’s skin and are responsible for releasing sweat and oil. Below mentioned are some of the major causes of large pores.

  • Excess production of sebum – When the sebaceous gland of a person produces excess oil, it leads to oily skin and large pores.
  • The increased volume of the hair follicle – It happens when the pore present at the end of hair follicles gets clogged.
  • Decreased skin elasticity around the pore – The pores become enlarged when the elasticity of skin increases.

How to Get Rid of Large Pores? 

Large pores cannot be removed completely, but there are various large pores treatments that help in reducing the appearance of large pores on the skin.

  1. Wash Your Face Twice a day

Washing the face appropriately is the basic skincare step. Managing the habit of face washing is profoundly essential to manage healthy skin. A wide range of products is available in the market, which often makes us to forget using a gentle cleanser and warm water. It is necessary to wash face twice a day in order to manage oily skin and reduce the appearance of large pores. Washing the face every morning and evening helps in keeping the dirt and oil away from pores, which, in turn, reduces the appearance of pores.

  1. Opt for Water-Based Products

If you have oily skin then it is better to opt for water-based products. Using water-based products restrict the extra oil from entering the pores. If you have oily skin and large pores, then it would be better for you to avoid oil-based products. Using products that are oil-based might lead to excess oil on your skin, and it will make your pores appear larger.

  1. Choose Gel-based Cleanser

If you have oily skin and you want to reduce the appearance of pores on your face, then opt for gel-based cleansers. Using moisturizing cleanser might increase oiliness and leave residue in the skin pores. A gel-based cleanser cleans the oil from the pores, which in turn reduces the appearance of the pores on the skin.

  1. Apply Clay Mask

Clay mask is useful to remove excess oil from the pores. Using a clay mask once or twice a week would help in preventing the pores from becoming enlarges, and it also decreases their appearance. But remember, not to overuse the clay mask as it might result in excess drying of the skin, which in turn might cause irritation. When the skin becomes irritates, then the blemishes occur, and the pores appear large. Using a clay mask is one of the best solutions to the question of how to remove pores?

  1. Exfoliate

If you have oily skin, then you should exfoliate once or twice a week. Exfoliating is good for removing things that are responsible for blocking the pores. These things comprise excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt. Use exfoliating products containing salicylic acid. It is a natural acid, which helps in releasing debris from the open pores. But avoid excess exfoliating with salicylic acid as it might dry out the skin, and if the skin becomes too dry, then the pores look bigger. Exfoliating is one of the best large pores treatments as it reduces the appearance of pores.

  1. Moisturize

You might think that moisturizing oily skin is not a good skincare choice. Nevertheless, it is good to reduce the enlargement of pores. Use moisturizing lotions rather than a moisturizing cleanser. Moisturizing lotions are good to use after washing the face and patting it dry. Moisturizers hydrate the skin and soften it. Moisturizers are good to prevent the pores from being clogged with oil.

  1. Wear Sunscreen

Taking care of the skin in the sun is an essential part of skincare. It is one of the best open pores treatment. Sun damages the skin and makes it dry, which increases the appearance of pores. Protect the skin from the sun to keep it supple. The best way to protect the skin from the sun is wearing sunscreen every day. It would help in avoiding the appearance of large skin pores.