How to get rid of stuffy nose


 A congested or stuffy nose is caused by inflamed blood vessels in the membranes lining the inside of your nostril, usually due to the flu, cold or allergies. The excess mucus in your nose can make it difficult to breathe. While this can be life-threatening to newborns, it’s simply annoying and intolerable for anyone. Here are some tips to get rid of a stuffy nose are:-




Breathing in moist air can help soothe irritated tissue and swollen blood vessels in your nose and sinuses. A humidifier machine can increase the humidity in your room easily. The machine converts water to moisture that slowly fills the air. Humidifiers also thin the mucus in your sinuses, which can help empty the fluids in your nose and return your breathing to normal. When you breathe in the humid air, you will help relieve the inflammation and irritation that cause your congestion.




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Taking a steamy shower can make you feel relax. Like the humidifier, the steam from a shower helps to thin out the mucus in your nose and sinuses and reduce inflammation. As a result, your breathing should return to normal, at least for a short period.

You can get the same effect by breathing in steam from hot water in the sink. Turn on the hot water. Once the temperature is right, place a towel over your head and the sink. Allow the steam to build, and take in deep breaths. Be careful not to burn your face on the hot water steam.




Keep the fluids flowing when your nose is stuffed up? Almost all liquids- water, sports drinks, tea, soup, even juice- can help keep you hydrated when you are sick. They help thin the mucus in your nasal passages, which decreases the pressure in your sinuses and pushes the fluids out of your nose. Less pressure means less inflammation and irritation. If your stuffy nose is accompanied by a sore throat, warm tea and soup will help ease the pain.




Take one step further with saline. Use a nasal saline spray to increase the moisture in your nasal passages. The spray helps thin the mucus in your nasal passages, which decreases the inflammation of your blood vessels and helps empty fluids. Saline sprays are available over the counter.

Some saline sprays also include decongestant medication. Take your pharmacist advice to before using the saline sprays with decongestants. They may make your congestion worse if used more than three days. Plus, if you are taking other medications, the decongestants may cause side effects.




The same way from a shower helps open your nasal passages from the inside; a warm compress then helps to open them from the outside. Soak a towel in warm water squeeze the water out of the towel, then fold it and place it over your face especially on your nose and forehead. The heat will provide comfort from any pain, and the warmth may help relieve some of the inflammations in the nasal passages. Repeat it till you don’t feel relax.




A decongestants meditation can help reduce swelling and ease the pain associated with irritated and inflamed nasal passages. Many decongestants medications are available without a doctor’s prescription. They come in two forms: nasal spray and pills. Common decongestants nasal spray include sarin and sinex and common decongestants pills contain Sudafed and suggest. You should not take decongestants medicines for more than three days without a doctor’s prescription




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Blowing your nose while it’s stuffy when there’s nothing to expel will only make the congestion worse. Walk away from the tissues, and resolve to use them only when you have a runny nose.

Blowing hard repeatedly will make the delicate membranes inside your nostrils get more inflamed, leading to increased stuffiness.




Most chest or vapour rubs contain menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor which some people believe; helps ease the congestion when the vapours are inhaled. Popular rubs that can be used for this purpose include Vicks, Tiger Balm, and Icy Hot. Although the ingredients in these remedies may effectively relieve the sensation of a stuffy nose in many people, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that they effectively treat cold symptoms. Some application to use this:

  • Rub it on your throat or chest while you are going to sleep. Put it close enough to your nose so that you can breathe it.Don’t put it so close that it irritates you.
  • Put some vapour rub on tissue, and then hold the tissue to your nose so that you inhale it deeply.
  • If you don’t have a vapour rub with you, then put some peppermint oil beneath your nose. It will give you the same effect.


One of the best-known decongestants is the menthol. Menthol is found in many of the popular products used to fight allergies. Menthol offers a cooling effect, which helps to relieve a stuffy nose. There are many other types of decongestants, and different ways to use them to treat a stuffy nose. For example, one way to use decongestants to treat a stuffy nose is to take them before bedtime. This helps to clear the nasal passages and will make breathing easier. Also, decongestants such as Menthol can be used after taking allergy medicine, which will help to reduce the chances of developing another allergy.


Antidepressants, which work by reducing inflammation, have also been used to treat a stuffy nose. One other thing to remember is that decongestants are designed to be taken in large amounts, so when taking decongestants, it is important to drink plenty of water or get more sleep. Another ingredient in decongestants is Alcohol, which helps to dilute the effects of the decongestants. Other decongestants contain melatonin, which can be used to help someone who is experiencing a sleepless night to get up and go to bed.


If you feel your congestion get worse when you lie down then try to elevate your head a little bit. Put an extra pillow beneath your head it will help you more.


If your sinuses are congested; eat a slightly spicier dish which you enjoy. Drink plenty of water as you eat, then you would find your nose running by the end of the meal. Blow out as much as you can.

If these tips don’t give you relief, then you must go proceed to doctor as soon as possible. If you wish to ask something, leave your comments in the box below.