How A Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Your Self Esteem

lack of sleep

Sleep is so tied into a variety of aspects of our lives, yet is so discounted and looked at as an afterthought. We tend to think of sleep as a waste of time so we often end up not getting enough sleep.

When we get enough sleep it helps with things like weight loss, energy levels and even reduce the risk of heart disease.

When we don’t get enough sleep it impacts things like our physical and mental health. Including a negative effect on our self esteem. If you are not taking your sleep seriously and find that you have a lack of confidence and are not able to live your best life because of it, then getting your sleep back on track will put your self esteem back to normal levels.

In this article, I will go over how your lack of sleep is affecting you.

It wears you down

When we don’t get enough sleep it is pretty obvious. We feel run down, we can’t focus and are unmotivated to do much. When this happens regularly, it starts to wear you down.

If it lasts for a long time, then we get used to this feeling and it starts to take a mental toll. After a while of having a lack of motivation, you start to feel powerless to change things. And then this makes you feel like you’re not capable. Like there is something wrong with you.

Then, you start questioning everything that you do. You often think that you’re not doing things well enough and wonder if you are even able to do things better. It’s a vicious cycle that gets harder and harder to break out of. The worst part is that it creates a sensitivity to things that wouldn’t even register on a mental level if you were getting enough sleep.

How to break the cycle

The first, and most important step is to get your sleep schedule back on track. Once you start getting enough rest, then the rest of the puzzle will be easier to complete. You definitely need to do things like set up your bedroom to be more sleep accessible, but you probably also need more of a push. Sleep CBD Capsules will give you a jumpstart in resetting your body’s clock so you can get back to a proper sleep routine much faster.

It will help in settling your body and mind and calming an excited nervous system. Once you are in this calm mode, then sleep will come much easier. You can also try things like using aromatherapy, taking a warm bath an hour before bed and putting your devices away at bed time.

Then, you’ll need to be more proactive once your sleep schedule is giving you enough rest.

Try doing yoga and meditation to help keep your mind from racing and to live more in the present. Use motivational techniques to help you get back into a positive mindset. And, try therapy. Talking to a professional will help give you the tools you need to get your confidence back and increase your self esteem.