How to install vinyl plank flooring at home? DIY Installation Process and Cost

How to install vinyl plank flooring

If you are looking to find out how to install a family-accommodating, rather ease floors elective and do it without the help of floor cutters and installers, and what is the cost to install, you have come to the right place. It is well known that the Vinyl plank floor has the stylish look of wooden ground floor without the related expense. The solid, water-resistant nature of the vinyl board is perfectly suitable for those with children and pets who’re vulnerable to spills and various wrecks. 

It can also be used on your latrine, kitchen, or mudroom for a look that is both beautiful and pocket-friendly. Most vinyl flooring is water safe, which settles on it an extraordinary decision for kitchens, washrooms, and pantries. Stain-safe deck choices are accessible too.  Before learning how to install vinyl plank flooring, we need to understand the advantages.

You can also lay vinyl flooring at home by yourself. You can avoid appointing floor installers and flooring cutters for this task. Flooring Installers and flooring cutters are the people who are professionals in laying floors. Some of these floor installers and floor cutters charge a high cost of installing these floors.


It is ultra-durable and suitable for long periods of time. This type of vinyl flooring is really comfortable to walk on and brings out a very attractive and posh look to your entire house. 

Due to the type of materials that are used for making these vinyl floors, they are also believed to dampen any excessive sound. It can be really useful for family living in which there are children and/or dogs who are part of the family. Kids cry a lot and dogs bark a lot and no one is fond of any one of them. 

Such a flooring plan can be really beneficial for so many reasons but another reason for choosing this type of flooring for your house is that it gives a very classy and premium look to your household. For these and many other reasons as well, people popularly decide to lay vinyl flooring in various areas in their house including in the bathrooms, bedroom or even in the basement.


lay vinyl floor

Before going into the installation process of vinyl board flooring, figure out which
sort of vinyl board is appropriate for your redesign requirements. Vinyl boards can be arranged into three principal classes dependent on their establishment strategy. That are of three types: 

Grasp Strip Vinyl Board Flooring – It has a producer applied glue layer that attaches the boards to each other. This strategy makes a floating floor; such vinyl planking deals with the subfloor avoiding clinging or affixing to it easily. 

Click-Lock Board Flooring – It also makes a loafting floor, yet as opposed to having a glue interface the boards as grasp strip does, the boards attach with tongues-and-grooves joints that effectively attach for a solid attachment. 

Glue-Down Board Flooring – It holds fast the sub-floor utilizing either of the various kinds of glues: pressure sensitive or hard set. Hard set glue is put across the sub-floor, and afterward, the vinyl boards are set down on them. Pressure-sensitive glue is as of now on the base of the board and attaches to sub-floor when the board is squeezed into location. The two sorts of cements are solid, the weight delicate glue can make supplanting singular vinyl boards simpler. 

Each of the three establishment techniques could be considered appropriate for beginners, as they require a very brief period for the successful installation of these flooring.

The flooring you choose to install among vinyl, among these three heavily relies on your specific requirements and conditions. Which technique you pick relies upon the individual inclination and the place intending to be remodeled. It is easy how to install vinyl plank flooring.

Heavily busy locations, for example, retail spaces are recommended to choose for Glue-down vinyl flooring, while your home may not require the additional security of a pastedown establishment when a grasp strip or snap-lock floor will work effectively and efficiently too.


Although these types of floors are considerably cheap, the cost of installing vinyl flooring will be completely dependent on the area-space in which you live and what sort of vinyl floors you’ve picked for you. Sheet vinyl flooring starts around $15 a rectangular foot, while vinyl tile establishment starts around $2 a rectangular foot. Another option is the vinyl board click-lock set up, which starts around $1.99 as per square foot.

You must definitely consider the cost of installing along with the price of lay vinyl flooring and flooring cutters and flooring installer.


Before initiating the process of installation, and knowing how to Install vinyl plank flooring you must make up a checklist for the following things and make sure all of them are handy to ensure the process goes rather smoothly:

  • Aviation snips
  • Belt sander
  • Brad nail gun
  • Chalk line
  • Air compressor
  • Air hose
  • Cold chisel
  • Putty knife
  • Knee pads
  • One Air compressor
  • A Putty knife
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust mask
  • Hammer
  • Hearing protection
  • A Straightedge
  • A Tape measure
  • Sanding block
  • Square
  • A Utility knife


floor installers

Process to completely lay vinyl flooring may take between 1-2 days to finish. A few kinds of vinyl flooring, for example, board and tile, need an additional couple of days to adapt to the dampness & temperature in your home even after you have completed the installation procedure. Vinyl needs time to settle. We recommend waiting in any event at least 24 hours before walking on the new floors. Vinyl is one of the least demanding deck choices to keep up.


You must ensure that new your floor does not have any air underneath it; you must check whether the surface is straight. In case you are presenting over a concrete floor, then you ought to use a strong leveler to bring the air spaces of the floor inside the acceptable limits and get rid of any higher bumps.

If you are working on a wood subfloor, you ought to use a self-leveling compound. Plainly, the floor should be cleared and freed from any debris. You must layer the floor in a direction that is beside the biggest wall, and in case of a hall, you must floor down the hall, not along the hall. 


To start to lay vinyl plank flooring, utilizing a utility blade, trim the tongue off the primary row of vinyl boards. Set the primary board set up on the beginning line with the cut side alongside the wall, keeping up the expansion space. Hold the following board at a certain point against the first board’s end and fold down to adjust it properly into place. 

The end piece must be at any rate 6 inches in length. On the off chance that it’s not, cut somewhat off the principal board before sliding the row.


floor installers

Joining the sheets is fairly fundamental. Basically, slide the tongue into the area on an edge, guaranteeing the end of one board lines up with the last. After that, drop the board into its place. A fragile hammer is perfect for finishing the joint and a while later you can use a little bit of crap flooring item to deal with any openings without hurting your area. Moreover, guarantee that the wrinkles are astounded which will help keep the floor straight and the joints tight. 


When it comes to cutting the sheets there are a few options available to you. You can simply cut it with a utility knife or you can use a milter saw. These are used by the floor installers and floor cutters as well.

If you go for the second. A miter saw will be the quickest and give you the cleanest cut. But in this case, it makes a lot of sawdust that will require cleaning up. Apart from all the sawdust, this is the best way to do it.  


The ground surface must be put beneath the jamb as no cut has the alternative to secure it. In case the door jamb doesn’t have an opening at the base or it isn’t actually enough to slip the flooring under then you should cut the column with a piece bit of flooring. 


Before knowing How to Install vinyl plank flooring, you must also know the various Transitions and Moldings. The sorts of transitions and moldings that are available are: 

  • T-Molding: Used to change to a substitute floor with near stature or to hide a break in the deck. 
  • Reducer: Used to transform from a consecutive floor stature. 
  • Stair Nose: Used on the front edge of steps 
  • Thick Carpet Reducer: Used to change to thick or luxurious floor covering 
  • Quarter Round: Used to cover any unwanted gaps near dividers and doors. 

The set-up technique is extremely easy and fundamental. Transitions are needed to be trimmed to fit the size of the area that will be transiting. You need to arrange the track with the ultimate objective that the edge of the transition is in the middle of the door when closed. It will make sure you potentially watch flooring in your room only when the gate is closed.

After it’s done, join the track to the subfloor, the molding then gets fitted into the track by determinedly pushing down. It is a great option to choose this, as the cost to installing is really low as well if you choose to avoid floor cutters and installers and lay the vinyl floor yourself. If you opt for the DIY, you can majorly cut the cost to install the flooring.

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