How To Make a Campfire in Minecraft? 

Minecraft campfire

Be it life or games, light plays a very crucial role everywhere. It is used for both the purposes, for the better clarity of things as well as to make things more beautiful, i.e. for decorative purposes and so it does in the game like Minecraft. In a game like Minecraft, the purpose of a campfire is huge, it helps decorate and lightning up the area around you. In Fact, it looks so much like a real-world fire, the part that makes this campfire look even more realistic is the rising smoke in the air.

But you can’t be more wrong if you think this is the only role that a campfire plays in Minecraft. It not only lights up your surroundings, but it can also easily melt up to three snow blocks covering it. In addition to the purposes a campfire serves, it is an amazing source of heat and hence can be used for the purpose of cooking raw food items. The process for doing the same is:-

  • Right-click on the fire in order to get up to four raw food items. 
  • As soon as you finish the above step, the four raw food items will appear in front of you around the campfire. 
  • They will then start to cook.
  • After that you will see the cooked version popping up, saying the food is ready to collect after 30 seconds.

The help that campfire offers you in the game doesn’t end here. So adding to the list of benefits you will get from a campfire is that the smoke rising from the campfire acts like a signal that will lead you to your home base. And last but not least, it also helps to extract honey too without having any risk of getting attacked by the bees. Since the benefits and roles of a campfire in the Minecraft game are many, having the proper knowledge of the Minecraft campfire recipe is very important. And here is this article to help you with the same. 

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List of materials that you will need to build a campfire in Minecraft!

There is a list of a few items you will be needing to make or craft a campfire in Minecraft. The materials needed are mentioned below:- 

  • 3 sticks.
  • 3 logs.
  • 1 piece of coal or charcoal (if you are making a regular campfire). 
  • 1 soul soil block(if you are making a soul campfire).

Once you get all these above-mentioned items then crafting the campfire in Minecraft is no big deal, you will easily get it ready in no time. Among all the required items, the easiest of all is to get the logs. You just have to find a tree and cut it to get the logs. Once you get the logs you can cut them down and they will also fulfill the need for sticks in the construction of a campfire. 

Now comes coal or charcoal, how to get them? Though you need only one piece of coal to build a campfire, if you are facing difficulty even in getting that one piece of coal then you need not worry about it. The wooden log can help you here, you can put any log into the furnace and soon you will see a piece of charcoal ready to use. Now many of you think that coal is more effective than charcoal and vice-versa. But let me tell you that both are equally effective and you can use them easily.

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The Minecraft campfire recipe! 

After being ready with all the mentioned ingredients to make a Minecraft fireplace now the question arises, How to use them? How to make a campfire in Minecraft using all the materials? So in order to help you with the making of a campfire in Minecraft, here are the sequence of steps explained in detail for you. 

Stage-1: Go to the crafting table. 

The very first thing you need to do is, just open the crafting table and make a crafting grid that measures 3X3 in size. 

Stage-2: Put the sticks. 

 Though we have already studied it in the materials required but also according to the Minecraft campfire recipe there is a requirement of only 3 sticks to build a campfire. Now the main part is, How to place them one by one? So follow the steps described below:- 

  • Put the first stick in the second column of the first row.
  • Furthermore, place the second stick in the first column of the second row. 
  • Now comes the third and the last one, keep it in the third column of the second row. 
  • As soon as you finish placing all the 3 sticks, as per the guided positions, recheck the order and fashion of sticks again. 

Stage-3: Locate the coal or charcoal. 

Now after getting done placing the sticks, the second most item that comes in the frame is the coal. So in order to allocate the coal at its correct position, focus on the center of the grid. The center of the grid is basically the second column of the second row which is the actual position of coal. 

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Stage-4: Position the wooden logs. 

It has already been discussed above that we will be needing three logs of wood for the making of a Minecraft fireplace. If you observe carefully you will see that the major contribution to the Minecraft campfire recipe is the Wooden logs. Now let’s look at their orientation and where they will be placed. They will fill the whole complete last row of the crafting grid i.e. first, the second and third column of the third row. 

Stage-5 Take the items of the campfire to your inventory. 

There’s nothing much left to be done after doing the complete crafting of the campfire. Just drag it to your inventory and you are all set to use it whenever and wherever you want or wish to. 

Final words!

If you have read the whole article and followed each and every step then you will surely end up making a perfect Minecraft fireplace. You can use it for multiple purposes, like- to light up the area around you, melt the snow, to cook the raw food items, extract honey, and the list goes on. Follow the above Minecraft campfire recipe and try it out! 

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