How To Two-Hand Weapons In Elden Ring

how to two hand in elden ring

Elden Ring has many different weapons for you, and you can try them out until you find the ones that work best for you. Some of these weapons can be used with one hand or two hands, and it’s important to know when to use them in each way as you explore the game’s big open world. Each way of using a weapon gives you access to different attacks that might be helpful in certain situations. In this guide, we’ll explain why, when, and how to use two hands to wield your weapons in Elden Ring.

How to two hand weapons

In the past, From Software games, you could hold down a button to use your weapon with two hands. But in Elden Ring, you have to do one more thing to switch between using your weapon with one hand or two hands. If you’re playing on PlayStation, you can hold down a button and press R1 or L1 to use your right or left weapon with two hands. On Xbox, it’s the Y button and either RB or LB. However, be careful not to accidentally use your shield with two hands because it can be embarrassing.

Why you should use weapons two-handed

Using a weapon with both hands in Elden Ring can be helpful for a few reasons, but the main one is that it makes your attacks more powerful. It won’t make a huge difference, but it’s still worth doing when you don’t need a shield. Remember that you must be good at dodging attacks without a shield. Some enemies may be harder to dodge, so that it might take some practice.

Using a weapon with both hands also gives you access to new moves that can be useful in certain situations. For example, if you have a greatsword, you might be able to make big sweeping attacks with one hand, but with two hands, you can make strong slamming attacks that can break an enemy’s guard. Make sure to use the right moves for the situation you’re in. If you’re in a small space, you want to avoid accidentally hitting the walls with your weapon, so try using tighter, more focused attacks.

If you have fists or claws, using them with both hands automatically gives you two weapons to attack with. This can be powerful and make you feel like Wolverine!

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