How to overcome alcohol addiction

how to leave alcohol

This is a method of recovery from alcoholism based on Twelve Steps whose inspirational principles were drawn essentially from medicine, psychology and religion.

You begin to accept the idea of ​​being an alcoholic (First Step) and to rely on someone or something to try to solve it (Second and Third Step). He begins to break the isolation in which alcohol has confined him, trusting his new friends.

With the Fourth and Fifth Steps, through self-analysis and comparison with a person of one’s trust (the sponsor), a profound and courageous verification of oneself is carried out, learning to accept one’s positive and negative characteristics.

With the Sixth and the Seventh a path of change begins based on the progressive modification of one’s behavior.

With the Eighth and Ninth, through forgiveness we tend to recover relationships with others; with the Tenth Step we are preparing to put this new lifestyle into practice; with the Eleventh, through meditation and prayer, one deepens one’s spiritual path, increasing a sense of belonging to the world; with the Twelfth Step we begin to convey the message to other alcoholics.

Anonymous alcoholics have an interest in making their business known, helping others means helping themselves and this they do both by spreading their ways of grouping, helping each other, and making known to the experts their work and for this reason they foresee also open meetings to allow the participation of alcoholics, family and friends, so-called “professionals”, that is doctors, psychologists who have the opportunity to enter this world, get to know these people, their realities, their difficulties, but also their resources, their qualities, their sensations and emotions.

All people interested in the problem of alcoholism can participate in open meetings; the only condition required is that the names of the participants are kept confidential. This is a stage before they go further to alcohol withdrawal.

Alcoholics initially do not think they have a problem, they are not aware and therefore do not express any intention of changing in the immediate future (first phase called pre-contemplative). It may happen that they become aware of their difficulties and problems related to the use of alcohol and begin to think that perhaps they must do something to get better, the people who claim to have thought about changing their behavior but without yet making specific commitments towards a change, are in the contemplative phase.

The preparation phase indicates the intention to act in the near future and there are attempts to change one’s behavior. The next step is the transition to action and this occurs either because you are stimulated by relatives, friends, acquaintances or because you realize for yourself that it is appropriate to get help and decide to remedy a problem that becomes more and more serious and which entails a physical, relational and social malaise as it directly affects one’s own person but also the people who are close as family and friends and the entire relational and working world. This phase allows you to take action and since it is difficult to manage alcohol consumption on your own, you can decide to contact your family doctor or you can contact a group of anonymous alcoholics.

The phase of the action, therefore, allows experiencing a change, the person manages to accept himself as he is, manages to realize that relationships are important, that he can trust others, that he can trust others, that he is not alone, is part of a group of people who question themselves, who have decided to feel better and make their family feel better, they realize that they receive a lot from the group, from the participants of the group, and many decide that it is important for them giving to others, doing something for others, helping others to feel better. The action phase is characterized by processes of liberation, of self-appreciation, through which the subject is convinced of being able to change and is committed to changing his behavior for a certain period, including alcohol detox helped by professionals.