How To Prepare For Black Friday Sale 2020

black friday sale deals

2020 has been quite a haphazard year. With the unpredictability due to COVID-19, the businesses are thriving to make a shift towards digital methods. The current dwindling economic environment calls for better branding and strategies. However, the shopping spree does not stop. With the situation in hand, shopping at physical stores isn’t feasible. This leaves customers with the option of online shopping. The last quarter of the year is usually the busiest of e-commerce platforms. Following this is the black Friday, for which customers online shoppers start gaining momentum well in advance. Black Friday is quite the golden opportunity to get their hands full with the best styles. Alongside, with the ‘time of the year’ rolling in, the sellers can also expect big business. However, both sellers and customers need to prepare for it well in advance. Brands like Old Navy, Jcpenney, Macy’s, Amazon etc have their pre and post-black Friday sales already planned. Customers can make the most of this sale by using coupons and codes for these brands specially available for Black Friday sale. Your all time favorite brand Old Navy offers attractive Old Navy coupons where users can avail upto 60% discount. Amazon also offers huge discounts on all its categories during the Black Friday Sale.

Tips for customers to prepare for the black Friday sale

The black Friday sale surely offers you with some steal deals. To avail the best deals and maximize your shopping, here are some of the tips for customers to prepare well for sale:

  • Save to the fullest: Avoid buying the products at their total market price, especially around the holiday season. You can save to the maximum amounts by adding promo codes, discount coupons, cashback offers, and much more. In the current scenario, the e-commerce stores are, as it is, offering heavy discounts and details for the majority of their customers. During the peak holiday season, some brands like Old Navy offer the best savings options.
  • Research well: Do your homework. Make sure you have checked all the online stores and scout out the best prices. Once you have sorted out your wishlist, you can get surfing on the web. Several sites have deals listed for you. Research thoroughly and check whether it is worth the price and satisfies your requirements.
  • Abandon the cart: It is quite a modern marketing and sales strategy. Whenever a customer abandons the cart, they usually get offers with discounts and promo codes within a few hours. But, during the Black Friday sale time, keep track of the promotional period time. Order before it ends, or else you can browse the same product on other sites.
  • Follow social media pages: To get regular updates about the brands, follow the social media pages. With digital platforms being a major source of promotion, the brands usually keep their customers updated on these platforms. You may end up getting special offers, rewards, and even loyalty programs as well.
  • Download the apps: One excellent option is to download the fashion apps or e-commerce apps. This helps you get regular push notifications and even be a part of their member clubs as well. The apps help you have a seamless shopping experience, like providing related products to your choices, figuring out discounts, exploring several brands, all in one place.
  • Shop even after black Friday ends: No, you need not compulsorily buy on the day of sale. Many shoppers wait for the sale day to end to get their hands on their favorite products. Sometimes you might end up with better deals. With all said and done, the Black Friday sale drill does not end here. Along with the customers, the sellers also need to take care of several things.

Tips for sellers to prepare for the black Friday sale

While with everything shifting towards online platforms, it surely is a big chance for the retailers. But, they also have to face tremendous pressure with a boost in sales. To avoid any risks, and to provide optimum customer satisfaction, here are some tips the e-commerce and online platforms can follow:

  • Start early: To skyrocket the conversion rates, start with the promotion process a little earlier before the big day. This helps you reach a wider audience. When the final round rolls, the customer will be pre-prepared, which will uplift your sales.
  • Display the black Friday sale on your landing page of the website: No matter which platforms the customers come from to your website, they notice the landing. Optimize it well with all the black Friday deals and discounts. For that matter, you can even hype it up a little.
  • Guarantee discounts: One of the best ways to garner the audience is discounts. And that too on all products. The good idea is to provide discounts on all range of products. This leads to increased customer engagement and attracts them to surf the site for more.
  • Add countdown and low stock alerts: Doing this creates a sense of urgency in customers, making them buy the products in the abandoned carts and wishlists. Black Friday is undoubtedly the perfect time to evoke the motivation for buying products. You can do this either by sending in low stock alerts or by adding countdown on landing pages.
  • Give in with some extra discounts: There is no harm in providing discounts on the products which are already on sale. This is a fantastic tactic that incentivizes customers to make immediate purchases before they lose the deal.
  • Optimize mobile adds: Nowadays, the majority of the people surf the sites and apps through mobile. This is because of ease-of-use. Well-optimized and creatively designed content helps build interest in the customers. Mobile apps are an excellent way to target the audience.
  • Extend discounts: After Friday, its the weekend. Why not extend refunds for some more time? This is quite a great way to increase sales. It maintains the urgency throughout the period allowing the customers to choose more and suits them the best.


To summarize, during the pandemic, the situations are quite uncertain. But, with online and e-commerce stores, customers can get the spree going. If you are looking forward to buying the latest fashion trends and styles, then black Friday is a perfect time. The best brands like Old Navy, Amazon and many more have started the preparations already to provide customers with services at par with excellence.