Brooklinn Khoury Before And After: After Losing A Lip In A Dog Attack, Model Brooklinn Khoury Shares Her Recovery Journey

brooklinn khoury

Brooklinn Khoury – Born and raised in brooklinn Khoury, New York, Brooklynn started skateboarding at nine. She lived around the corner from Brooklyn’s famed skatepark, and after one visit, she was hooked. Brooklynn has been a pro for almost ten years and is currently recognized worldwide as the first woman to go pro in street skateboarding.

Besides having an illustrious career in skating, she also is a model who has appeared in many campaigns such as Nike Women’s Skate Project with Terence Koh, Miley Cyrus’ cover of Elle Magazine France, The North Face campaign with Kaitlyn Amft, Vans campaign with Sabrina Rinaldi and Nike collaboration with Kevin Durant. 

In 2012 Brooklinn was featured on the popular recurring series Guy’s Choice on Spike TV and in the award-winning skate film “Fully Flared” by Lakai Footwear. Brooklynn has also been building her skateboard brand, Dynasty, and is writing a book about her life called “Koury .”The skateboarder, who likes pickles and overalls, has spent much time this year attempting to be happy. Brooklynn is 5’11, has brown hair and blue eyes, and weighs 130 pounds. 

She has appeared in many magazine publications and took part in almost every major video while filming Fully Flared as a female skater and with her brand. She is currently living in LA and spends her time writing a novel. Brooklynn’s achievements are milestones for girls skateboarding who wish to have a future in skating. Even though she was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Brooklinn has always loved California because of its sunny days. Her favorite thing about the city is the space to practice her tricks. Let’s discuss everything about brooklinn Khoury. 

The Pitbull incident:

Last year Koury overcame a horrible incident with a pet dog that tore her lip apart, and she had a lot of difficulties in her modeling career due to that incident. According to the reports, Koury was driving back home that day. She so loved her lips that she used to flaunt them in every picture. On that day, she correspondingly visited her cousin’s house, and while her cousin was away, she tried to pet her cousin’s dog. 

The pet dog of his cousin was of Pitbull breed and was eight years old. Koury had a friendly encounter with the dog before that incident; however, after seeing Koury pet him, he all raged and came on to the mouth of Koury. The dog tried to bite the lip of brooklinn Khoury, however, somehow, the dog went away, and she got a sense of relief; she became unconscious and even saw a plump of pink skin on the floor that was her lips. 

Subsequently, she shared her picture on social media lying on the bed. Even after a few days of treatment, doctors could not fix her lips; she decided to undergo surgery and even filmed the surgery. It is the inspiring story of Brooklinn Koury, as it is not very easy to overcome such incidents with complete grace as she did. 

Who is Lukasiak?

Lukasiak is Koury’s partner; they met just two days before the incident at a coffee; the vibe between Koury and Luka matched as they both wanted the same things in the shop. Lukasiak took good care of Koury while undergoing surgery and even took care of her post-surgery. After the surgery, Koury was bedridden and didn’t know what to do with herself. Luka Kaiser, her partner, came to her rescue and started making payroll for her bills and helping her in other ways.


Brooklyn is known for being a very humble person who doesn’t like to share too much about herself; she has been part of many magazine spreads as a model but has never talked about herself. She prefers that people should talk about her work rather than about herself. She prefers to keep her personal life private and only shares with people close to her and trusts.

Brooklynn Koury is among the world’s top skateboarders of all time, but it hasn’t been easy for her. When she was nine years old, she used to sit on the sidelines while boys played out their skateboarding sessions; because of this, brooklinn Khoury thought that boys couldn’t do anything other than skateboarding, so she kept waiting for them. She followed this practice for the next few years but couldn’t find any trace of these boys being grown up.

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