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How to transfer tik tok drafts to another phone – Where are you, TikTok users? Just a guess: Do you struggle to figure out how to move TikTok draughts to some other phone? You ought to be feeling better right now if the answer is Yes-Yes. I know how challenging it may appear to save TikTok draughts to the phone and continue to follow the to-dos, but it is all worthwhile. You must read this post right away if you want to learn more.

TikTok draughts save you time in ways we could never have anticipated. All we have to do is spontaneously draught when and wherever we can, then modify those draughts to fit our time constraints. We also heard a buzz recently specifying the backflow of TikTok draughts and TikTok drafts having been deleted, and yet c’mon, if we overlook the bug, we everyone understand how peaceful as well easy Tiktok draughts that seemed to us.

The guidance on the benefits of TikTok draughts is provided below. “how to transfer tik tok drafts to another phone?” Learn more about TikTok drafts below, including how to transfer them to another gadget by following simple steps.

What Benefits Do TikTok Drafts Offer? 

TikTok drafts have a far bigger role than we initially thought. They enable us to produce big material when and wherever we can and then to modify it to meet our needs significantly. 

The following are the benefits of TikTok drafts: 

  • Upload it when it is needed and at the right moment.
  • Keep them covered and away from any media coverage. A few of the stuff may not necessarily have to be uploaded. 
  • In your spare time, you may edit more effectively.

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Can I Transfer My TikTok Drafts to a New Phone? 

Every piece of content that is shared on TikTok is immediately saved to its cloud storage. As a result, switching devices do not impact the content you’ve placed on TikTok, which users may view anytime they visit TikTok on a different device.

Drafts from TikTok are stored on your device’s storage, not at all on the platform’s cloud services. So, no, it is the reality! Drafts on TikTok aren’t instantly transferred to a brand-new phone until you explicitly store them there. 

All you have to do is upload your videos to TikTok, store them, and then move them toward a new smartphone as TikTok draughts.

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How Can TikTok Drafts Be Transferred to a Different Phone? 

TikTok drafts must be transferred to another phone by following these simple steps and being patient. This is how simple it is to move draughts on TikTok: 

STEP 1- Find drafts on TikTok

How to transfer tik tok drafts to another phone? First and foremost, you need to be able to locate drafts on TikTok to move them to some other phone. For simple instructions here about how to achieve this, adhere to the steps below: 

  • Visit TikTok > On your personal account, tap on the ME option at the bottom-right corner. 
  • Next to the tab for your published TikTok videos, select Drafts. 
  • Browse through the draughts you’ve created thus far.

STEP 2- Select the TikTok draughts you would like to transfer and post. 

Visit the draft tab on TikTok, select the one you’d like to move to a different phone, and then click. You should be aware that until you tweet about it, you cannot save or install TikTok drafts. 

Here’s how you can upload the TikTok drafts and keep it private. 

  • Click on Who may see this video from the uploading screen after selecting the TikTok draught.
  • Select Private from Everyone as the security setting. 
  • Tap on the Save to Device toggle to save the copy to your device. 
  • Finally, select the Post option. 

STEP 3: Remove Your TikTok Profile Page’s Drafts

The posted TikTok draft must be removed from your account to move it to a different phone. 

The steps listed beneath can be used to remove TikTok draughts from your page: 

  • Find that video on your TikTok profile page by opening it.
  • Select Save from the settings menu to save another video to your gadget. 
  • To remove that video, return to the profile page, access the settings menu, and hit Delete. 
  • This would remove the TikTok draught from your page, but it will still be stored to your device.

STEP 4: Copy TikTok Drafts to an Alternative Phone 

Transferring drafts to a different phone should be your last task. You may always move your videos to a different new device after you’ve stored them on your smartphone. 

iTransfer Pro is among the most well-liked programs for doing this. It enables phone-to-phone transfers quite simply. To move TikTok draughts to some other phone, here’s what to do:

  • Open iTransfer Pro and join your two devices. 
  • To position both gadgets as both Source and Destination, use the Switch option. 
  • Additionally, click Next to let the program start preparing.
  • Select Transfer after selecting the TikTok draughts from your smartphone. 
  • Let the application move the draught data from one device to another before finishing. You are finished whenever the screen displays “Data Transfer Successful.”

Simply save TikTok drafts to your gadget by uploading them in personal settings mode, and then move them to some other mobile using only a third-party app to transport them to another device.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “how to transfer tik tok drafts to another phone”.


Q1) where can i find my drafts on tik tok?

Ans- First, from the Post page, click Drafts. The video will be kept in your profile’s Drafts folder. You can only view draft videos before they are published.

Q2) how to create tik tok backup?

Ans- First, from the Post page, click Drafts. The video will be kept in your profile’s Drafts folder. You can only view draft videos before they are published.

Q3) Can TikTok Drafts Take Up More Space on Your Smartphone in Terms of Storage? 

Ans- TikTok Drafts increase the size of your phone’s storage capacity; obviously, it depends on their distance and resolution.

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