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Frescos Naturales

FRESCOS NATURALES – Juan Ignacio Stewart is the creator of the Frescos Naturales brand of soft beverages, which uses natural fruits from the Caribbean and Central America. Corn syrup with high fructose content is absent from these beverages, which have a lower sugar content than traditional soda pop.

They are even healthier alternatives than numerous fruit juices offered in the US, with just 60 calories per serving. The business continues to operate, maintains an online store, and sells its goods at a few shops, eateries, and cafés in Colorado and Kroger stores in Southern California.

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Specifics in the Frescos Naturales deal on the Shark Tank

● Offer made by Frescos Naturales: $130,000 for 8% equity

● Estimated pitch value: $1,625,000

● They did accept the investment, yes.

● Sharks in Investing: Daniel Lubetzky

● Counter Offer accepted: $130,000 for 25% equity.

● Total Appraisal: $520,000

Currently, Frescos Naturales is worth $520,000.

As a child, Stewart grew up sipping horchata and fresh fruit juice in Guatemala. He might bottle some when he was older and give it to his son Joaquin to go to the skateboard park. Other skaters gave the beverage a try and were impressed.

Joaquin suggested selling the beverage in bottles. For everyone to see the natural colouring and actual fruit pulp, the initial bottles were distributed door to door and at farmers’ markets in glass bottles. The product is now packaged in aluminium cans. Spanish language and vibrant colours pay homage to the Latinx heritage.

Our Evaluation on Natural Frescos


● Mango, hibiscus plants, pineapple, tamarind, passion fruit, and guava are six flavours offered.

● These flavours are pretty uncommon in soft drinks in the United States.

●They contain little sugar.

● They are produced using natural materials.

● There is a six-pack sampler on offer.

● They are blended with water that sparkles to give them the fizz of soda.


● It takes some getting used to eating tamarind.

● On the cans, the Frescoes Naturales brand emblem must be more noticeable.

● A six-pack for $25 seems a little pricey.

For whom are Frescos Naturales intended?

The Fresco Naturales brand is targeted at Latin American society as a whole. Still, it appeals to anybody who wants a distinctively flavoured beverage with minimal calories and sugar. If you prefer real Mexican food (NOT what Taco Bell sells), you might enjoy pairing your meal with a real Latin American beverage.

Try Fresco Naturales if you’re attempting to reduce your soda use and are seeking a healthier option. Although Latinos invented and promoted this beverage, a sizably huge fringe demographic might find it appealing.

Alternatives Exist They?

The beverage sector is complex and fiercely competitive, and Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary correctly acknowledged this. But Stewart has made something sufficiently unique to stand out. I’ve only ever seen pineapple as a flavour of soda pops out of the six options.

The leading brands in the pineapple beverage industry include Crush, Fanta, Faygo, and Sunkist. But you can bet they’ve added a lot of corn syrup & synthetic flavours and colours to their soda, unlike Frescos Naturales.

Some tropical punches at Capri Sun, which likewise boasts of utilizing only natural ingredients, contain a mixture of passionfruit, mango, and pineapple.

Recently, they have been utilizing monk fruit instead of sugar to sweeten food. Capri Sun primarily targets kids, whereas Fresco Naturales caters to adults and older consumers who want a 12-ounce can instead of a 6-ounce pouch. (That you must pierce with a straw, no less!)

Of course, the originality of the flavours is a consideration. Although I’ve never had tamarind soda, I’m sure the market will be quite specialized after trying tamarind candies. It could function as a mixer. Guava, pineapple, and passionfruit are flavours known to those who have consumed Hawaiian Punch.

They are also familiar with corn syrup with high fructose content & a variety of other artificial compounds. The possibility to taste the fruit flavours separately without the use of any artificial ingredients is provided by Fresco Naturales.

Additional Pitches from This Shark Episode

  •  A series of bath & body products called TankNopalera contain cactus juice.
  • A device that can be used at home to produce plant-based milk.
  • Brass Roots: Sacha Inchi-based, nut-free snacks

Our parting remarks

To succeed in the beverage sector, you need a unique product that stands out. Fresco Naturales has competition from several well-known brands. Still, they also provide products for those who prefer something unusual with a tropical flavour but don’t want corn syrup with a high fructose content or a tonne of artificial colours and flavors.

The cans’ vivid colouring and graffiti-style graphics will make them stand on the shelves. But Sebastian, Stewart’s brother-in-law, says the design concentrates too much on the beverage’s taste.

The company name is crammed into a tiny logo on the can’s opposite side. It has to be made a little more obvious.

Fresco Naturales may be able to lower the price as their marketing efforts gain more traction. They would know they had succeeded if the prices could drop low enough to the cans to get sold for 75 cents each in a vending machine.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What components make up Frescos Naturales?

Ans. Each drink at Frescos Naturales is produced with just fruit, citric acid, carbonated beverage water, & cane sugar, keeping the company’s ingredient list to a minimum.

Q2) Who is Frescos Naturales’ owner?

Ans. Owner: Juan Ignacio Stewart

Owner of Frescos Naturales, Juan Ignacio Stewart .

Q3) What are natural frescos?

Ans. Aguas frescas, usually referred to as frescas, are the speciality of the Latino-owned beverage company Frescos Naturales.