Important Attributes When Buying a Dog Car Seat Cover


When it comes to traveling with pets, having a car seat cover is essential. Not only it keeps your car clean but also secures your pet while on the road. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best dog car seat cover. How can you not get confused when comparing all these different characteristics?

Don’t worry – we’ll help you make the right choice! In this article, we will discuss the most important attributes to consider when choosing a dog seat cover. With this information considered, you will easily find the best option for your pet and your vehicle.

Seat Size

The first step in choosing a dog hammock car seat cover is finding the right fit.

To get the best size, measure the length and width of your car seats. If you choose a dog hammock, also measure the length between the back and front seats and the height of the backs to the headrests. With all the measurements you need, carefully compare them with the measurements of a seat cover you’re interested in.

In order not to be mistaken with the size, we recommend paying attention to adjustable dog covers. Like this standard dog seat cover from Owleys with a unique 2-in-1 fit. This dog hammock car seat cover has a zipper in the middle – so you can transform it from a large back seat cover into a compact single-seat hammock.

Safety Features

On the road, safety is paramount. And the best dog seat cover is 100% safe. So what characteristics should be taken into account to ensure your pet’s safety?  

The first thing to consider is whether the cover provides access to your car seat belt buckles. It is important to secure your pet with a car seat belt. Please note that attaching the belt to seat headrests and to your dog’s collar is dangerous. The safest way to secure your dog in the car is to use a harness and seat belt that is attached to your car seat buckle.

Next check attachment straps and clasps. The best back seat dog cover should have strong fasteners that can withstand your dog’s weight in case of a sudden brake. Choose straps that are made from durable synthetic fabrics. They support the maximum weight. As for the clasps, we recommend choosing metal ones because they are more secure for dogs of different breeds and sizes. But if you have a tiny breed dog, plastic fasteners can work too.

The safe dog seat cover also has a stable fit. In addition to the right size, make sure that the fasteners have a snug fit on all sides. Also, most dog covers and hammocks have a non-slip rubber layer on the bottom, which adds more stability on the go.

Water-Resistant Material

To keep your car seats clean from dirt and liquids when traveling with your dog, choose a seat cover that is resistant to water.

The most popular (and best) material for a dog hammock car seat cover is nylon or polyester, or Oxford cloth also based on nylon or polyester. This fabric is waterproof, resistant to damage, dirt, and wear. The more layers – the more durable the seat cover, and the better its waterproof properties. So if you choose a multi-layered dog seat cover made of nylon, polyester, or Oxford cloth, you can be sure your car seats will stay perfectly clean and dry.

Easy Washable

The best dog seat cover is easy to clean dog seat cover.

The most convenient option is to choose a dog hammock car seat cover that is machine washable and dryable. It is simple and convenient, unlike hand washing. But keep in mind that washing recommendations must be carefully followed so that the seat cover doesn’t lose its appearance.

Another great option is to choose a dog seat cover that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It takes less time as you don’t have to remove and reinstall your cover. Plus, it is unlikely to ruin the look of the cover, which is quite possible if you make a mistake when setting up your washing machine.

Easy On-Off

And again, the best back seat dog cover is the cover that is easy to install and remove.

Save your nerves and check the installation instructions or watch the video tutorial BEFORE buying. The simpler it is, the better. Avoid dog seat covers with complicated and unclear instructions and installation that requires extra strength. Trust us, the next time you struggle with reinstalling your dog seat hammock, you will regret not thinking about it before you purchase.


When it comes to design, we mean the look of a dog hammock car seat cover and the details it has.

Most dog covers have a similar design – usually a solid black or gray color. But there are also stylish and colorful options! For example, the black-brown dog hammock from Owleys that we already mentioned, or the orange seat covers from Carhartt. If you don’t want something too plain and boring, invest more time in searching. You will definitely be able to find an option that looks nice and meet your needs.

Also, pay attention to interesting details and accessories. For example, you might want a dog seat cover with pockets for storing your dog’s toys and foldable travel bowls.

Comfort Level

To ensure your dog’s comfort, there are several features to pay attention to.

Make sure your dog hammock car seat cover has a stable fit. It should not slide or move under your pet as you’re driving. The more stable your dog feels on the road, the more comfortable it feels while traveling.

We also recommend choosing sloth dog hammocks because they feel more comfortable for pets and are also breathable. If you are using a leather seat cover, add a soft blanket.

Finally, make sure your dog has a cozy and secure place. Four-sided dog hammocks are a great option as they create a separate area in the car for your pet to relax and feel safe. Especially if your dog or puppy is not yet accustomed to traveling by car.

Let’s conclude. In this article, we’ve discussed the most important attributes when buying a dog car seat cover. We’ve talked about size, safety, water resistance, cleaning, installation, design, and comfort level. With all this information in mind, you can definitely find the best dog seat cover!