Perfume Hacks to Keep You Fragrant All Day Long


Who doesn’t like to smell good?

The answer to this question is way too simple. NOBODY!!!!! Exactly, nobody in their right mind wouldn’t want to smell good. Smelling good or being fragrant all day has its own beauty to it. It is like an individual’s confidence booster. 

Many times, I have personally seen people shy away from others on occasions like a small gathering, social event, or be it at offices with colleagues. The fundamental underlying problem for this is smelling bad or body odor

The best solution to smelling bad is Smelling Good. And how do you do that? By using good Perfumes. But again, the problem here is fragrances do not last long. And this is a severe problem and to counter it you should know how to make your perfume last longer. Knowing the right perfume hacks will benefit you in the long run.

In this article, you’ll get some fantastic fragrance hacks to help you smell amazing.

Spray the perfume on clothes

The basic perfume hack is spraying it on clothes as it results in much better than spraying it on your body. This is because the fiber in clothing is able to retain the scent for a more extended period of time. 

Moisturize your skin before spritzing

Oily skin also helps in retaining scent for a longer period of time. Hence, it is highly advisable to moisturize your skin with any (preferred by you) unscented lotion before applying a fragrance. 

Do not rub your wrist after spritzing

It is a natural habit of most people to rub their wrists together after applying any fragrance. Though creating friction will only cause the top notes of any fragrance to fade faster than normal. This would evaporate your scent much faster. 

Apply Petroleum Jelly (like Vaseline)

Any type of Petroleum jelly is well known for having ointment in it, which holds the fragrance of a perfume for a longer period of time. Hence, applying it before spritzing your perfumes would definitely give you better results. (Amazing perfume hacks to help you smell amazing, isn’t it?)

Shake it NOT!!

Shake well before use. People usually do this in the case of every liquid product container/bottle. Don’t do it with perfumes. This is because shaking any fragrance bottles will only let the air in, thus in return deteriorating its quality.  

Store it well

Perfumes should be stored away from daylight. This is because sunlight is known to degrade the oil, thus breaking down the scent. Though people many times wish to keep their perfumes on display, so if doing so, store them in their pretty boxes.

Do not Mist, Just Spritz

The simplest way to answer the question, ‘how to make your perfume last longer?’ is to spray it right. One more common habit that people possess is, spraying the perfume in the air and then walking right through it. Seriously!!! Just don’t do that. All you require to do is just spritz the perfume on your bare skin (target the pulse points), and you are done. 

Spray it after the shower

Following the right time to spritz, the scent will make it last longer. This is because your skin gets moisturized after a shower, and hence, it locks up the fragrance.

Target Pulse Points

Pulse points are the warm areas of your body, thus helping it diffuse the fragrance across the body. Hence, spritzing the fragrance right on certain pulse points like your neck, midriff, wrist, etc. This is one of the very effective and amazing fragrance hacks.

Use Cotton Buds

The last tip out for the perfume hacks in this article would be giving small fragrance touch-ups to yourself. You can also store some cotton balls, or buds swabbed well in your scent in your bags or clutch to carry it around throughout the day. This will also help you avoid the pain of carrying heavy perfume bottles in your bags.

The above-mentioned perfume hacks to help you smell amazing can do wonders for you if you’ll use them accordingly.!!! If you intend to choose a perform according to your mood, click here.