Introduction to Betting: Myths and Truths


Staking on sports is fun and exciting, and there is the rush of adrenaline from seeing you win a bet. However, from experience, there are notions and “truths” flying around concerning betting. While some of these notions come from long-standing beliefs, others are mere opinions of certain individuals.

As with the rest of the world, there are mixed perceptions concerning betting in India, including its legality and profitability. The betting space in India is flooded with myths that those new to staking naturally believe some of them to be true. As a result, many are skeptical about betting, not knowing whether to venture into it or not.

Thus, we want to examine and debunk some of the myths in India’s stakingspace. If you’re going to start sports betting, you should know the facts.

Myth 1: Betting has no profits

Most people new to staking have been led to believe that you’re automatically setting yourself up for bankruptcy if you start betting. Many believe that you can’t win or, even if you do, it’ll be once in a blue moon. Of course, gambling has its risks, but betting is a bit more complicated than that.

While you majorly depend on luck in gambling, betting requires more than luck. Several external factors contribute to the chances of a bettor winning a bet. In simple terms, betting is a skill one can improve in. The more you bet, the more cricket betting tips you will know, and the more you win.

You may not profit from betting, especially in a place like India, because you bet without having a strategy that works. If you can identify the best betting strategies, winning will almost be automatic for you, and that’s the fun of the game.

Myth 2: Online bettors can be prosecuted

Since the betting space in India isn’t regulated, many Indians believe you can be prosecuted for staking games online. The Indian laws technically consider betting activities illegal, leading people to believe wagering online is punishable. However, there is nowhere in India’s outdated laws that actively prohibit staking games online. That means people can wager online freely without fear of prosecution.

Moreover, a new betting bill was passed and discussed in 2018, moving toward India’s legality. Therefore, we can expect that the legal constraints of staking that scare Indians will soon be out of the way.

Myth 3: You can wager with credit cards freely

In developed countries where betting is legalized, it’s normal and even recommended to bet with a credit card. However, this is not the case in India; credit cards used to wager are automatically blocked. Meanwhile, while this may come off as harsh, it is not without cause.

There is a prevalence of illegal and suspicious activities in India – especially with credit cards. So, this practice is, in a way, done in the bettors’ interests. While you may feel bad that you can’t use your credit cards to wager, you will feel worse if you are a victim of a scam because of it.

Myth 4: Profiting from high odds is impossible

The rumor is that you can’t make profits from staking odds as high as five or even higher. This is why many bettors in Indians always prefer to wager on smaller odds. They believe the dream of making profits from betting against high odds can never come true.

However, the truth is stakinglow odds, and high odds are pretty much the same. Profiting from betting high odds is no easier than profiting from stakinglow odds. The ideal thing is knowing how to calculate the probabilities and wagering with knowledge.

You may have a firm understanding and strategy for lower odds. If this sounds like you, it is best to stick to what works for you. Alternatively, what’s stopping if you do well with the bigger odds? Go for it and enjoy the profits those big odds offer on different games.

Myth 5: Online bookmakers will block your account if you’re winning too often

Some people believe online bookmakers are haters that don’t want you to win bets. They believe these internet-based bookies will block your account with a pathetic excuse if you’re always cashing out on bets. However, decent bookmakers will never restrict or ban their users just because they are successful.

Users get banned, but only if they’ve been discovered to cheat the system. Cheating is a serious offense in sports betting, and it can cause a bettor’s account to be blocked forever. If you don’t cheat and stay on the good side of the rules at all times, you can be sure no one will ban your account.


Many more myths concerning betting in India need to be addressed. While the reasons for some of these myths have not been established, their impacts on the minds of bettors have been felt. Therefore, if you’re going into sports betting in India, do away with the myths and bet on reputable sites like Parimatch. Parimatch helps you start with facts while giving you access to many sports and mouth-watering promotional offers.