Modern Goth Hairstyles

goth hairstyles

Goth hairstyles are making a comeback. You probably did not expect that. If you’re not sure what goth hairstyles are, they’re usually black, with lots of layers and thick bangs that go to the side. 

The idea is to keep it messy, and the only makeup you would see is black lipstick and eyeliner that matches. What used to be a style for punk rock bands and their fans is now being rocked by your favourite models, influencers, and celebrities.

Modern Goth Hairstyles

Check out these modern goth hairstyles. Today’s goth looks to come in all sorts of colours – from rainbow shades to different hair types. It doesn’t matter if your hair is super straight, pink, blonde, brunette, or red, there is a goth hairstyle for everyone. Ready to feel vampy? Let us dive into each one:

Smoothed-Back Hair

If you are getting ready for a night out or just want to feel like a goth goddess regular, these stylish hairstyles make it super easy to show your dark side effortlessly.

Tiny Bangs

A baby bang is like the coolest thing in trendy goth, and we are excited to see that this once-edgy look is now becoming popular. Ask your hairstylist for short bangs that sit high on your forehead and add some texture for that extra coolness.

Neat Ponytail

A super-sleek ponytail, especially on the darkest hair, is not just for runways – it is perfect for your favourite nighttime hangouts too. Use a fine comb to pull your hair into a smooth ponytail and say goodbye to any little stray hairs.

Colourful Twists

Twists not only protect natural hair but also let you express your unique style. From bright reds to deep blues, you can add a burst of colour to twisted hairstyle in so many ways.

Untidy Bob

We really like some genuinely short goth hairstyles, especially the ones that have a bit of controlled mess with curls and waves. Make waves with a curling iron, and then separate them with your fingers. Use TRESemmé TRES to keep your style in check and give it a shiny, wet look.


Beehives are making a comeback and can work with any hair type, adding a cool, old-school twist to the goth style. This is to making a beehive is back-combing or teasing the hair to make it extra voluminous. Use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth to help with teasing without harming your hair.

Fishtail Braids Crown 

Gothic hairstyles often play with the interesting mix of perfectly done and slightly messy looks, and fishtail braids capture that allure. If you are new to this beautiful style, you can learn it with our fishtail braid guide.

Top Messy Knot

Pop this into the adorable goth hairstyles section! Top knots are cool, useful, and trendy. You can sport them at the gym, work, or wherever. Add a gothic vibe to the top knot by making it relaxed and untidy. Try Suave Professionals Natural Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray for a gentle, bendy grip that keeps your style in place without making your hair sticky or stiff.

Narrow Afro

The narrow afro not only gives a special and fun touch to goth hairstyles but also celebrates the natural hair textures’ beauty. It reduces the need for much curling while showing off a beautiful gothic sense of uniqueness.

Wavy Hair

Remember how we said earlier that styles come back? Well, crimped hair was a big thing in the ’80s, and guess what? It is back! Use a hair crimper to get this texture, or just braid your wet hair into small braids before bedtime.

Some FAQs

How do goths do their hair?

Different types of goths have different hairstyles. Some, especially those from the metal scene, may have long black hair, either tied in a ponytail or left loose. Others follow the gabber/hardcore movement style with shaved sides and a high ponytail.

Can you be a goth with short hair?

Having short hair is versatile for the goth style too. It can be sleek, messy, straight, or puffy – there are many goth options with this haircut.

What colour hair do goths usually have?

Goths often choose hairstyles that match their fashion style. Most goths prefer big, voluminous hair that stands out. Typically, it is black, but it can also be in other dark colours.