Yandy Smith Net Worth 2022

Yandy Smith net worth 2022

Yandy Smith net worth 2022

Yandy Smith is an American reality television personality and music producer with a $12 million net worth. Yandy Smith started her professional career as an executive assistant with Lawbreaker Marketing in the entertainment sector. One of the most well-liked cast members of the VH1 reality program “Love & Hip Hop,” Yandy Smith has become well-known nationwide.

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1. Early Life 

Yandy Smith was born on March 19, 1982, in Harlem, New York. In 2004, she earned her degree from Howard University.

2. Early Career

Yandy Smith started her professional career as an executive assistant with Violator Management in the entertainment sector. High-profile performers and musicians like Missy Elliot, 50 Cent, and LL Cool J were among her clients. Yandy met rapper Jim Jones in 2005, within a year of receiving her degree from college, on a private plane his Russell Simmons had rented. To manage Jones full-time, she resigned from Violator Management.

3. Love & Hip Hop

VH1 approached Jones in 2006 about hosting a reality show about him. The proposed sitcom, “Keep Up with the Joneses,” had an 11-minute trailer, but VH1 wasn’t convinced. Yandy then visited Mona Scott-Young, her supervisor at Violator Management, and with the help of Chrissy, Jones’ girlfriend, and her friends, Mona altered the concept to become “Love & Hip Hop.” Whenever Chrissy and Jim decided to get married in the first season of the reality series, Yandy made her debut. An uncredited cameo appeared.

In season two of “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” Yandy Smith was added to the main cast. Her primary plot thread dealt with the difficulties she encountered as Jim Jones’ manager. She has a professional falling out with Jones during that season, and she fights Chrissy in a Miami nightclub. Following that, Jones and Chrissy broke off their relationship with Yandy.

Yandy later consulted for Columbia, Warner Music Group, and Atlantic Records. Eventually, she founded Monami Entertainment with Mona Scott-Young, her former supervisor at Violator Management. Yandy works with the organization as a talent agent. She was ranked among the “Top 30 CEOs Under 30” in 2008 by Billboard.

Yandy is also a co-owner, director, and brand manager of the lifestyle company Everything Girls Love.

As a guest star on the spin-off series “Remy & Papoose: Fulfill the Mackies,” Yandy also appears inside an incident of “Love & Rap Music Philadelphia: Ever since Party Live!” She also makes appearances in the special events “40 Biggest Absolutely adore & Rap Music Memories,” “Dirty Tiny Mysteries,” “The Love Deluxe,” “Love & Rap Music Prizes: Most Certified,” and “40 Biggest Loooooooove & Hip Hop Memories: The Reboot.”

4. Personal Life

A son named Omare Harris was born on July 16, 2012, and just a daughter called Skylar Harris was born to Yandy Smith and real estate developer Mendeecees Harrison (born on January 26, 2015). Yandy & Mendeecees were wed on May 25, 2015.

Infinity Gilyard was a child Yandy nurtured before formally adopting her.

Yandy’s husband is the father of two kids by two additional women. Samantha, his first mother, met daniel when she was just 19 years old. After three years of dating and a child, they broke up when Samantha learned Mendeecees was having an affair. Apparently, to her or, he met Erika, his second baby’s mother, in 2003. His messiest relationship is with Erika since he got her pregnant after they started dating and hired her to care for his kids. Erika is technically his third baby’s mother.

Yandy’s connection with Mendeecees’ birth mother is tense, and it recently erupted into a bitter custody battle between the two women.

Yandy’s connection with Mendeecees’ baby mothers is tense, and it recently erupted into a bitter custody battle between the two women over Mendeecees’ two oldest children, Mendeecees Jr. & Aasim.

Mendeecees Harris was detained in January 2013 on suspicion of molesting a 15-year-old girl. He might spend much more than 20 years in prison if found guilty. Mendeecees also has been charged with participating in a trio of narcotics trafficking ring members. Between 2005 and 2012, the three men are accused of trafficking cocaine and heroin worth $2.5 million.

Yandy has defended her fiance multiple times, even naming certain blogs and websites that she believes have reported on the situation unfairly or falsely. In 2016, Harris was found guilty of cocaine trafficking and given an eight to ten-year prison term. In January 2020, he was freed from custody.

At a demonstration against the killing the Breonna Taylor with Louisville police officers dated July 14, 2020, Yandy Smith was detained in Louisville, Kentucky. When police raided Taylor’s residence in March for drugs, they instantly opened fire, killing her. The right house was 10 miles away, the cops were at the wrong one, and the culprit had already been taken custody. By July 31, 2020, no charges or arrests had been made against the cops who killed EMT Taylor.

Midway through July 2020, Smith celebrated her son Omere’s ninth birthday by sharing a heartfelt tribute on Instagram. She penned: “The best parts of me came through in you. By far, my defects missed you. You’re more sympathetic than most people, you walk and live in truth, and you’re really, really humorous. You love deeply and are hurt when others are hurt. For a very long time, you performed admirably as that of the man in the house. You had to develop quickly and become a large lad. YOU ARE 8 NOW! We adore you a lot!”

Late in July 2020, Yandy uploaded a four-minute video to her Instagram account discussing some recent dreams. It’s six in the morning, and I’m only recently having to wake up from a terrible nightmare, the woman remarked. She continued by saying that when she woke up, she believed federal officers would break into her house and plan to kill her and her kids. She overheard the agents saying they entered the incorrect house in her dream. Yandy further disclosed that, as just a Black mother navigating the social atmosphere of 2020, she has been experiencing panic attacks.


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