Does One Classify Pokemon as Anime or Cartoon? (The Reality Breakdown)

is pokemon an anime

Is pokemon an anime – It wasn’t just Pokemon that came to mind when I thought of anime as a cartoon. Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, Beyblade, and other anime series were also shown on Cartoon Network. Also, I saw them as cartoons. 

After exposure to anime in the late 2010s, I finally understood that they are not just cartoons. I also learned the critical distinctions between anime and traditional animation. Many people ask if is pokemon an anime as it is one of the famous television shows. 

We already knew that Pokemon was one of the most easily merchandised media properties ever. Whether they’re collectable card games, video games, mobile games, sweets, live-action movies, or television shows. The Pokemon video game series has become an industry giant. Let’s discuss the answer to is pokemon an anime in detail. 

Is Pokemon a Cartoon or an Anime? 

One such anime is Pokemon. To understand why it fits the definition of an anime, we must first distinguish it from a cartoon. Both the traditional and contemporary senses have been elucidated, instead of looking for someone else’s opinion online, that will help you understand and classify it. If you also watch Pokemon, you might ask if is pokemon an anime. 

Anime—what exactly is that?

One definition applies in Japan, while the other applies elsewhere. Anime is a Japanese term that means “animation.” BoJack Horseman, The Simpsons, Dragon Ball, and One Piece are all considered anime. The answer to is pokemon many people ask an anime

Remember that outside of Japan, none of these things are considered anime. 

To those unfamiliar with Japanese culture, anime is simply the animation style originating from that country. The realistic depiction of human anatomy is just one of many features that sets it apart from cartoons. 

An explanation of the term “cartoon.”

Like anime, cartoons can refer to several different things. Cartoons are flat, two-dimensional drawings with the primary goal of making the viewer laugh and smile. 

Cartoons can be found in just about any medium for visual content. The dismal state of politics is often reflected in political cartoons. If you also wonder if is pokemon an anime, this article is for you. 

Traditional cartoons are drawn with humour, but political cartoons need satire to stay in business. For the simple reason that this is what gives a cartoon its political edge. Cartoons and animation were always different after that. Because early animations had the same goal of depicting comedic material, they all got lumped into the cartoon category out of ignorance. 

Is Anime the Same Thing as a Cartoon?

To correct a common misconception, anime is not a cartoon. Let’s discuss the reasons why anime is not a cartoon. Anime cannot be considered a cartoon because, by definition, it is animation, the process of photographing a series of drawings to create the illusion of motion. Cartoons, on the other hand, are flat pictures. 

Definition in the Present Day

Moreover, by today’s standards, we can no longer consider anime a cartoon because Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, and all the other hits on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are aimed squarely at the younger set. Kids are their primary demographic. Despite the common misconception, anime isn’t just for kids.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Anime and Cartoons

Anime and cartoons are very different in many ways. Let’s compare the two and see what sets them apart.

Age Range Intended

All ages can enjoy anime. Anime like Pokemon, Beyblade, Doraemon, and Digimon are popular among children. Monster, Attack on Titan, Death Note,  and Babylon are all great anime series for teenagers and up. The vast catalogue of anime available today has something for everyone. Kids and other young viewers are the primary demographic for popular animated series like Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, and SpongeBob SquarePants. 

The Simpsons, Family Guy, BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty may have crossed your mind. They’re aimed at adults and called things like “adult animated series,” “adult animation,” and “adult cartoons,” even though they look like cartoons.


Most anime deal with real-world problems, human psychology, the darker side of human emotions, and similar themes. Some violent scenes in anime can be upsetting for a young viewer. Monsters depict all aspects of human life and society, including the following: decapitation of human beings with swords and knives; suicide; gun violence; depression leading to manipulation;  homicide; sexual content; and so on. Everything is shown in anime.

Cartoons, on the other hand, are meant to make people smile and laugh. 

Cartoons aren’t the place to discuss murder, suicide, or other violent acts. Adult animations occasionally touch on those subjects, but even they don’t go too deep. 

However, modern animated features aimed at adults subvert expectations. If you enjoy animated media, whether anime or a traditional cartoon, that’s great news!

Aesthetics in Art

Anime has the most accurate depictions of human anatomy of any medium. Most anime that depicts a theme related to real life is unrivalled when it comes to anatomy, though not all anime because of the character designs and genre differences.

Your mouth may drop at the sight of just one hair. They’re that skillfully illustrated.

Cartoons, on the other hand, don’t even try to resemble the human form artistically. It’s easy to see why. Their designs and performances aim to elicit laughter from the audience. A comedy that stays light and fun the whole way through. 


Western countries like the United Kingdom and the United States are the birthplace of cartoons, while Japan is the birthplace of anime. They also have a significant impact on the development of anime and cartoons. 

Their influences are readily apparent in both their aesthetic and narrative choices. Anime and cartoons alike are fearless in showing off their best qualities or taking creative risks in the name of making a difference. 

Episode Length and Genre

Anime typically lasts between twenty and thirty minutes, and their stories tend to flow into one another. 

Seasonal anime is another option. However, these isolated occurrences come together satisfyingly at the end of the run. The typical length of a cartoon is between ten and thirty minutes. Further, most anime shows are structured in a series of individual episodes. Nothing that happens in one season will have any bearing on the next. But, of course, there are always outliers.

Is Pokémon an Anime?

The Pokemon franchise is an anime that much is true. It’s easy to understand why. Japan is responsible for creating and animating the Pokemon series. Anime, as was previously mentioned, refers specifically to Japanese animation. Pokemon also has other hallmarks of anime in it. The visual style is also very distinct from typical anime shows. Hopefully, you have received the answer to is pokemon an anime. 

Is Pokemon GO a Manga/Anime?

However, Pokemon GO is not a cartoon. Catching Pokemon, visiting Pokemon Gyms, battling other trainers, and doing other things that you may have seen Pokemon trainers do in the anime are all possible in Pokemon GO, an Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile Game that uses GPS to create a virtual world. Nintendo, Niantic, and the Pokemon Company all worked together to release Pokemon GO in 2016. The game can be downloaded from the App Store on iOS devices or the Google Play Store on Android. 

Why Do Folks Mistake Pokemon For Anime/Cartoons?

Due to its history of airing on children’s television networks like Kids’ WB in the United States and Cartoon Network in India and Pakistan, Pokemon is commonly classified as a cartoon. 

While Disney channels in the rest of South Asia broadcast Pokemon episodes. These stations were prominent for their cartoon programming. That meant that Pokemon wasn’t considered an anime but rather one of the cartoons. Because of that initial reaction, many people still think of Pokemon as a cartoon. However, given that Pokemon is created and animated in Japan, it is, in fact, an anime.

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Additionally, the world’s diversity is reflected in the Pokemon regions, which depict countries such as Italy, France, and Britain. The most noticeable of these is undoubtedly Japan.


Is Pokémon a Video Game or Anime?

The Pokemon Media franchise originated in Japan. The 1996 video games Pokemon Red and Blue were the first in the series. Pokemon (Pocket Monsters in Japan) is an anime television series based on the video game franchise that debuted in 1997.

Which came first, the Pokémon games or the anime?

The Pokemon video game was the first item released under the Pokemon brand. 1996 Pocket Monsters: Red and Green (Pokémon Red and Blue outside of Japan) was released as the first Pokemon role-playing game.

After a year, in 1997, an anime series based on the video game Pocket Monsters (Pokemon outside of Japan) was produced. It doesn’t matter if Pokemon is a cartoon or an anime. Whether or not either of those explanations is correct, the fact remains that we had a great time with Pokemon as kids and continue to enjoy it as adults. Pokemon is a franchise that has captured the hearts of millions, if not billions, of people and will continue for years. This is a complete answer to is pokemon an anime. 


Although Pokemon has been localized, some people still consider it an American anime. The New York City metropolitan area (Unova) and Hawaii (Alola) are two of the many real-world American locations featured in the Pokemon anime. The above-listed portion explains the answer to is pokemon an anime.