Everything About NAJA WILEY-MANDEL Net Worth

Naja Wiley-Mandel


American-born Naja Wiley-Mandel is well-known because she is the youngest child of Maya Wiley, an American lawyer, lecturer, and civil rights, activist.

In what place did Naja grow up?

Naja was raised in the United States as the second child of Maya Wiley and Harlan Mandel. Kai Wiley Mandel is the name of her older sister. Her true birthdate is unfortunately concealed, leaving her age & zodiac sign up for debate. According to her background, Naja is an American citizen of white ethnicity. She also practices Christianity as a religion.

Early Years

Mandel grew up in a favorable atmosphere and had a happy childhood with her family. She has her parents’ unconditional affection and support, and since she spent her childhood playing alongside her sister, they seem to be very close.

Other than this, she keeps her past to herself. She has, nevertheless, received all the attention since she was a young girl because she is Maya Wiley’s daughter, whose real name is Maya D. Wiley. Maya, her mother, is indeed an American lawyer, academic, and human rights advocate. She shares this position with her dad, Harlan Mandel, who also serves as the MDIF’s CEO.

She keeps to herself regarding her schooling, making it challenging to learn everything about her educational history.

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What was Mandel’s method of employment?

Mandel’s work history remains a mystery, but as the youngest child of her parents, she managed to draw a lot of attention. Her mother has made a name for herself by being an American lawyer, educator, and civil rights activist, making herself a prosperous lady. Indeed an American biochemist & civil rights activist is her maternal grandfather. Her mother worked as a counsel for Bill de Blasio, the governor of New York City. From 2016 to 2017, she additionally held the position of chairman of the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB). Furthermore, she served as a reporter for MSNBC from August 2018 until January 2021.

Private Life

Mandel maintains her private life out of the spotlight; thus, her dating life remains a mystery to her followers and fans. She seemed more concerned with her profession than dating; therefore, she must be content being alone and spending time with her relatives and friends.

On social media

Naja Wiley isn’t involved on social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. In addition, her mother maintains 334 posts and 57.5K followers on Instagram, wherein she goes by the handle “@mayawiley4nyc.” Additionally, she has a Twitter handle with the name “@mayawiley,” where she posts 42K tweets and 453.5K, followers.

Net Worth

The youngest child of Maya Wiley, an American lawyer, lecturer, and civil rights activist, Mandel is a famously attractive and energetic woman. She keeps discreet regarding her work career; therefore, her net worth remains a matter of speculation. She continues to enjoy her mom’s estimated wealth between $1 million to $5 million while living a nice lifestyle with her family.

Who Is Harlan Mandel, the Husband of Maya Wiley?

Wiley, a high achiever, has a family and resides in Brooklyn with them. She has been wedded to Harlan Mandel for many years, and the couple has three teenage children. Mandel is regarded as an authority on press and media liberty and, like Wiley, is a very working professional in his industry.

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Law school is where Mandel and Wiley first met.

From 1968 through 1989, Wiley & Mandel studied at the Columbia University Law School. They appear to have connected and fallen in love there. Despite earning law degrees, they put their education to various uses once they were out of school. Wiley entered the field of human rights legislation and has dedicated her professional life to advancing equality and justice. Mandel has concentrated on topics related to free expression. In addition to dealing with first amendment concerns and free speech in jurisdictions where these rights are safeguarded, he is also interested in preserving media freedom in nations where such protections have previously been less secure.

Two daughters were born to Mandel and Wiley.

Wiley & Mandel are the parents of two girls. Kai aged 16 and Naja aged 19. There isn’t a significant amount of data available about the girls. We presume that families have done an adequate job of safeguarding their children’s privacy.

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In conclusion, the above article has attempted to provide adequate information on ‘naja Wiley-Mandel, a married high achiever with two daughters. 


Q1) What is the age of naja Wiley-mandel?

Ans: As per her Wikipedia page, Maya Wiley is 58 years old as of right now.

Q2) What is naja Wiley’s net worth?

Ans: Approximately $1 million is considered Maya Wiley’s net wealth.

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