James Charles BBL Rumors on Tiktok!


James Charles BBL Rumors

James Charles, one of the famous TikTok stars hanging around fashion influencers like Kylie Jenner, recently acquired the spotlight on social media after James confessed about the Brazilian butt lift. James Charles is correspondingly famous on YouTube and is known for their bold personality Charles carries. The news of James charlesbbl went viral on social media recently.

Charles posted the video on the 20th of July in the year 2022. In a conversation with his fans, he talked about the Brazilian butt lift. In the video, fans talked about his ample assets by mentioning, “The BBL is BBLing!” However, people who haven’t watched the video on TikTok think it was a real interaction with his fans, but it was just an impersonated video. At the end of the video, James gives their a flying kiss to his fans.

After the video of James Charles bbl went viral, people came to know that James Charles had finally undergone a Brazilian Butt lift which he had been considering for an extended period. People in the comment section were like. Finally, Charles has got the BBL.

Charles unknowingly even responded to some comments, acting like he didn’t know what his fans were saying.  

James Charles is a makeup artist, and it is rumored that he has acquired numerous Botox and plastic surgery to embrace his physical persona. For a long time, his fans suggested he undergo the Brazilian butt lift.


Before the pandemic, James Charles posted about this ass-reduction surgery on social media. At first, his fans didn’t know about the surgery. Later, he clarified that he was undergoing an ass reduction surgery, so the fans should wish him luck.

Since then, Charles has confronted numerous rumors regarding plastic surgery even though he hasn’t acquired it. However, it became apparent that James Charles has undergone a BBL because he recently posted a video on TikTok alongside an Instagram picture where he was flaunting his BBL wearing skintight mesh. The picture was captioned with no clap, but the ass is still fat.

Later, Charles decided to wear outfits that were centered on grabbing more attention, but his fans criticized him for not wearing outfits that were attention-seeking enough. Even the critics of James Charles recently started to talk about the physical appearance of this famous makeup artist. People mention that famous YouTube and Instagram stars might have undergone a knife numerous times to attain big butts. In short, people are still talking about James Charles’s bbl.

Recently people were found commenting on TikTok about Charles’s adult diapers. Usually, these adult diapers are used to avoid BBL leakage. Watch this YouTube Video to know more about it: