Who is HGTV host Debra Salmoni’ s Husband? A look into her married life


Debra Salmoni’s Husband

Debra Salmoni acquired the limelight, becoming a television reality show star, but she is an interior designer. The show that rose her to stardom is Vacation house rules, and she is one of the hosts of this show. Scott McGillivray is correspondingly one of the hosts of this show.

As discussed above, Debra Salmoni is an interior designer, and she proudly says that about it in her Instagram bio as her bio is owner and land designer. She is the founder of a company named Debra Lilian Design, one of the best companies centered on interior design.

Debra Salmoni quickly rose to prominence after joining the show, and her Instagram grew to 32k followers in no time. There were rumors that Debra Salmoni was dating her co-host, but these are untrue as she is happily married and also one of the best animal trainers in her town. She enjoys her married life as she has two children, Thomas and Elizabeth. The rumor of Debra dating her co-host busted when he married Sabrina McGillivray.

Debra has been married for six years now:

Recently the couple celebrated their six years of married life. The couple was married on the 13th of June. She usually talks about her experience as a wife and a mother on her Instagram handle. However, in 2015 the couple tied the knot of togetherness, and after the marriage, they were very soon blessed with their first child. She even posted a picture on Instagram where she flaunted her baby bump, wearing a white dress in that picture.

Debra confronted the pandemic very robustly and motivated others to confront the problems that the pandemic created. After the pandemic, Ceven shared her experiences where Debra talked about how Covid-19 hit her family and her professional prospect. But since they both had a secured job, they were highly positive.

Dave is an Animal trainer and TV producer:

As mentioned above, Debra Salmoni is an animal trainer; this is one thing she has in similar with her husband; just like Debra, her husband Dave is an animal trainer. Rather than just being an animal trainer, Dave is correspondingly into television production. Dave’s production company does not specialize in television series or reality shows. Since he is an animal trainer and lover, the entire production is banked upon wildlife films.

He even studied in the relevant field as his degree was a major in zoology, and he graduated from a reputed university in Ontario. Dave has had a phenomenal educational background, as his father is a chemical scientist. On the other hand, her mother is into sports, as she teaches skating.

Debra and Dave are parents of two:

Debra and Dave seem extremely happy with the decision to marry each other. As discussed, they have two children. Thomas was born in 2015, just after their marriage, whereas Elizabeth was born in 2017. They both seem incredibly proud of Thomas and Elizabeth. They share family love by posting pictures of the four of them on social media handles.