Jewelry fashion trends in 2022


The power of a great piece of jewelry is unparalleled. After living in minimalist accessories for the past few years, it’s time to let the season’s most recent jewelry trends shine. Add a statement choker to a summer dress or a sleek watch to your denim look to amp up the style statement. You can also opt for the fringe tassel earrings to give your outfit a dose of nostalgia.

Check out the gorgeous jewelry fashion trends below and make some worthy additions to your closet.

  1. Pearl Jewelry

Once used to be a symbol of 1980s muchness, gobstopper-size pearls have made a comeback with a sense of fun. Be it pearl earrings or necklaces, these youthful accessories can give you an instant refresh.

You can also add oversized crystal baubles to your stash that can team up nicely with others and you can steal the show. However, do you know only 0.005% of the pearls available are natural and the rest are cultured? The odds of finding a natural pearl in an oyster are 1 in 10,000, which makes it one of the rarest gems.

Diners recently have found pearls in oysters, so be careful when you place the next order in a restaurant.

  1. Silver Staples

Silver jewelry has now become one of the essentials for everyday wear. It has the same classic feel as gold but creates more of an edge, elevated look. Consider adding silver bracelets, rings, or necklaces to your stash and make your look more impactful than ever.

  1. Oversized crystals

Adorn yourself in crystals and outshine everything that comes along the way. Be it chandeliers or oversized necklaces, crystal-embedded jewelry adds a bit of sparkle to your overall ensemble and looks statement-making.

Big jewels are always in style, but they have gained even more popularity this year. Pair the jumbo-sized crystal earrings with your casual outfit and create an effortlessly chic look on the go.

  1. Bold Gold Chains

While trends will come and go, gold jewelry always remains a classic choice for everyone. Since 2022 is the year of maximalism, bold gold chains are getting overhyped. From versatile long necklaces to chunky bracelets that can be wrapped around the wrist for maximum impact, gold jewelry is creating a dressing trend.

You can make a unique style statement by adding lockets or charms to your gold chain. Moreover, it even looks more glamorous when studded with diamonds.

  1. Candy-Colored Jewels

Want to add a pop of color to your monotone outfit? Turn to vibrant, candy colors that give your jewelry a blast of high energy. From bright enamels to juicy-colored gemstones, colorful jewelry is everywhere. Get tropical carved floral pendants or chunky gemstone lollipop rings to attain a young, playful look.

  1. Body Chains

This accessory is the ultimate way to elevate your summer crop tops and bralettes. Pair this chain with a low-cut top or dress and look fabulous. A body chain can also add a little bit of sparkle to open-back dresses while making them look simply stunning. This accessory can instantly jazz up your style and is an excellent way to pull together the look.