All About Clear Nails plus

Dermatologist. The doctor treats the patient's feet

Clear nails plus is one of those products which can heal the fungal infection of the foot. Foot fungal infection is a very common disease. It is much irritating medical problem that takes a lot of time to heal without any medical cure.

Toenail fungus is also called ‘Onychomycosis.’

Constant itching and pain make a person frustrated and restless. However, in today’s world, there are many healing products and treatments available.. Let us know more about it:

What is Clear Nails Plus?

It is a healing product of fungal infection. A fungal eliminator legal and natural antitoxic supplement not only removes the fungal infection from nails but also prevents further surfacing of fungus. 

So, now let us discuss more about this brand product and match it with the reviews of customers.

Overview of Clear Nails Plus

As mentioned, it is an anti-toxic supplement to heal nail infections. It prevents fungus formation in the future as well. 

Roy Williams, with 18 years of experience in the medical field, has created this product through various research and analysis. 

Clear Nail plus is different in some ways, filled with harmful chemical substances that can damage your skin. 

What are the ingredients of Clear Nails Plus?

Based on his 18 years of experience as an herbal botanist, Roy Williams began studying herbs and plants that can fight fungal infections without any side effects. He discovered Bacillus subtilus before antibiotics. People use these probiotics to strengthen the immune system, as it kills the unhealthy bacteria from the body and increases the good bacteria.

Seven other probiotics include:

•Lactobacillus plantarum,

 • Lactobacillus rhamnosis,

 • Bifidobacteriumlongum,

 • Lactobacillus casei,

 • Bifidobacterium breve,

 • Lactobacillus acidophilus,

 • Turmeric curcumin. Lactobacillus plantarum,

 • Lactobacillus rhamnosis,

 • Bifidobacteriumlongum,

 • Lactobacillus casei,

 • Bifidobacterium breve,

• Lactobacillus acidophilus,

 • Turmeric curcumin.

Each probiotic has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that can clear the infection without destroying the healthy fungus in the bloodstream and other vital organs.

How does Clear Nails Plus work?

Clear Nail plus is made up of organic dietary supplements that help fight fungal infections and strengthen the immune system naturally.

The body thoroughly absorbs the consumption of the supplement quickly and starts acting faster than other products on the market.

Curcumin and garlic are also available in the supplement, which helps filter out any toxicity inside the body and purify the blood.

Pros of using Clear Nail Plus

  • It gives you quick treatment and efficient results.
  • Made of organic ingredients, it has no side effects like other products.
  • It prevents any further infection rather than a one-time cure.
  • It makes nails stronger, shinier, and healthier.

Cons of using Clear Nail Plus

  • It is expensive compared to other products like fungus Eliminator, which gives the same result at a low cost.
  • It is not available on the offline store, only on the official website of Clear Nail Plus.
  • Despite having all the natural ingredients, some customers have complained of experiencing side effects like headaches and irritation.
  • The result of this product is slightly uncertain, some people take a longer time to heal while others get instant results.

Where to buy clear nails plus?

It is available online on the official website of Clear Nail Plus and other online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

It is also available at discounted prices. And it is barely available in the offline stores.

Clear Nails Plus Review

Clear Nail Plus not only treats the infection but also destroys the root cause. In contrast, other ointments only heal the symptoms of that infection.

However, antibiotics kill all the bacteria come in contact with, all the good and bad ones, making your body defenseless.

For instance, Sporanox is an antibiotic that causes serious side effects, including weight loss, headache, stomach pain, swelling of the face, tongue, and rashes over the body.

Clear Nail Plus is a better fungus eliminator legit than Sporanox and Lamisil.

Revolutionary probiotics directly address the root cause rather than temporary healing. 

Along with healing and curing, it strengthens your immune system and helps skin, nails, and scalp to a healthier state.

Doctors recommend you take a pill daily for at least days because there is likely a fungus build-up inside your body. To ensure that every part of the body gets rid of fungal bacteria, take a pill daily for 90 days.

It is also helpful for Diabetes Type 2.

How much does Clear Nails Plus cost?

After discussing these probiotics’ pros, cons, and ingredients, let us come to their price.

To cure fungal infection from inside the body, it costs only $69 per bottle. Discount is also available on the probiotics, which offer six-bottle bottles each for $49. It will give you six months of protection from the fungus. Later your body automatically rejects the fungal bacteria if any comes in contact with it.

Precautions of using Clear Nail Plus 

  • Despite being made up of organic ingredients, this product can harm children. So keep them away from their reach.
  • Suppose a person has an allergy to the ingredients present in the product. In that case, they must consult a doctor before consuming it.


We have discussed the Clear Nail Plus supplement. After reading about the product, a question arises: ” Is it worth buying it?”

Well, it is a good product to help heal the fungal infection without many side effects.

However, the Fungus eliminator is also a good product if you want to remove the yellow stains once and for all.

Undoubtedly, Clear Nail Plus is good, but Fungus eliminator is the best, most affordable, and legit product.