Rent a Kia Sportage to Make Your Weekend More Awesome in Dubai


Dubai being a highly visited destination attracts many travelers toward its endless beauty and tourist attractions. Not only tourists but also localists and business travelers plan special trips on weekends to some unexplored areas. If you are also looking forward to making your weekend awesome, we suggest you hire a Kia Sportage from the professional Rent A Car Dubai company and enjoy a luxurious drive according to your own pace.

In this blog we will discuss:

  • Is the Kia Sportage ideal for a family trip?
  • Why is Kia Sportage the best for your weekend trips?
  • How much rental charges do you have to pay for Kia Sportage?

Is the Kia Sportage ideal for a family trip?

Yes, Kia Sportage can accommodate 5 passengers easily. So, it is the perfect automobile for your family weekend trips. No matter whether you are going to on-road tracks or off-road tracks, the wheels and engines of this auto are amazing to survive and drive in every condition. No doubt you can travel on public transport and taxis, but it will be tiring to carry all your accessories with you.

Why is Kia Sportage the best for your weekend trips?

Kia Sportage is an ideal vehicle for weekend trips as it has enough space to accommodate all your luggage. Along with 5 passengers, you can keep 3 medium-sized bags in this crossover easily. All the seats of this luxury motor are covered with soft fabric. Moreover, you can also enjoy other accessories present in the car including USB, ABS, Bluetooth, and many features.

You will be amazed to know that this exotic vehicle comes with parking sensors. Sensors will automatically alert you about the area whether it is perfect for parking or not. Furthermore, you can use a steering assist built in the automobile during your driving. There is also an additional feature of front airbags which is basically installed for the protection of auto in emergency situations.

How much rental charges do you have to pay for Kia Sportage?

The rental cost of Kia Sportage may vary depending upon the model you rent and your rental duration. If you want to avail of this crossover in economic packages, you should go to a Monthly Car Rental Dubai for renting a Kia Sportage. As this automobile is luxurious, you will have to pay your charge according to the amenities you will avail of.

If you rent a Kia Sportage on a daily basis, you will have to pay AED 120. While you can rent the same vehicle at the rental cost of AED 630 per week. Don’t you think it is economical to hire this crossover for a week instead of renting it thrice a week? Of course, it will be a money-saving package for you. Besides the weekend, you can also use this luxury motor for attending your business meetings at a budget-friendly rate.

For instance, if you have a plan for a long term stay in Dubai, it’s better for you to hire this crossover from the monthly car rental in Dubai for a month at the cost of AED 2200. You can go to any place in Dubai within your rented crossover but you have to drive within the mileage limit. In case of driving extra miles, you will have to pay an additional AED 0.5 per kilometer.

So, hire a Kia Sportage from the professional Dubai Rent A Car company and enjoy a long drive or a relaxing weekend trip in Dubai. We recommend you to book your car from RentalcarsUAE to get the best deals and professional services.