Five possible explanations “JJ from Outer Banks” Is By Far the Most Underappreciated Character on Netflix.

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JJ from Outer Banks -People have to understand that the best Boss character is “JJ from Outer Banks”; he is genuinely the far most underappreciated.

I have jumped on the “Outer Banks” hype train. Normally, I don’t follow the crowd with such haste. I always enter successful series with a skeptical mindset because I anticipate being let down since the public exaggerates how great they are. But this time it was quite different since “Outer Banks” far surpassed my hopes. I ended up going into this tv series assuming it’d be another soap opera drama with the primary focus on intimate relationships with no real plot. This tv series has shippable couples and swoon-worthy scenes, but it also has an unpredictable and far from the appreciatable plot that would startle you in the first few mins of ep one. The protagonists weren’t flat; they were all distinct and believable. JJ is the one personality who particularly existed out to me and who I believe does not receive adequate attention from the general public.

On this are 5 reasons how come JJ from Outer Banks is the best character.

1. His idea of a family.

JJ, in my viewpoint, holds the Pogue team together. He is also the one who transforms them from a group of friends into a family. The only squad members with no other family to turn to are JJ, and John B. JJ particularly sees the Pogues as his only hope of escaping the trauma he experiences daily. Even his spending habits demonstrate how much he considers them family members, given the precious metals they discovered. He made purchases that he believed his peers, the Pogues, would like and recognize.

2. JJ possesses a distinctive style.

At first, JJ comes across as an annoying, snarky, and asshole teenage guy. However, as the plot progresses, it becomes clear that more is going on. JJ presents a self-assured front, but as you get to know him better, you see that it’s all an act. JJ is a teenager who struggles with feelings of inadequacy, and many people can identify with him because he uses being rude as a coping strategy. He appears careless due to his insecurity, but in reality, this results from the abusive behavior he endures at the hands of his father.

3. the psychological trauma JJ experiences.

The physical violence of an abusive alcoholic father is one of the hardest parts a child can experience, and JJ must deal with it. At least the households of the other Pogues members have supported and adored their offspring. When John B’s dad passed away, he must have come to terms with his trauma, yet he still began growing up in a loving home. On the other hand, JJ has already been handling this abusive behavior alone. The Pogue team does not even fully realize JJ’s terrible home life only until the finale of the season.

4. He invariably prioritizes the Pogue team.

JJ and Pope helped capsize(ship), but then that didn’t mean they should both take the brunt of responsibility. Even though I like Pope, he was also the one who took revenge and took the very first action. Additionally, I do not think it’s appropriate that the squad would seem to view JJ as the last of their bunch of friends and doesn’t value his existence as highly as the others do. Not even to acknowledge the cost JJ would have to pay when his violent father violently harmed him for accepting blame.

5. Effortless acting from Rudy Pankow.

Rudy excels at portraying a nuanced personality, someone who’s tough on the outside but a mama’s boy on the inside. The moment JJ gets up in the steam room and shows Kiara and Pope the contusions on his stomach was among the camera shots that particularly caught my attention. I wanted to run onto my TV and give JJ a big bear hug because of how he goes from being strong-willed at the beginning of the scene while bragging about the Christmas presents he purchased.