How To Do Cat Grooming – Some Cat Grooming Tips

Cat Grooming Tips

As you are a cat owner, you should know that cats love to live neatly. Cats are the neat freaks. In fact, cats are known as the fastidious groomer. You might see her that most of her life she spent sleeping and self-grooming.

But as she seems like a gung-ho for keeping herself neat, and groomed, still she needs proper grooming and cleaning that she couldn’t get by herself. 

Grooming is not just keeping your cat looking good, but it is much more than that. Grooming your cat regularly also keeps your cat’s health good and keeps her away from so many chronic diseases. Proper grooming helps your feline to prevent health issues like digestion problems due to hairballs. Moreover, keeping the regular grooming of your kitten also helps in improving coat and keeping away skin diseases. 

A clean cat means a happy cat. So to keep your cat well clean is so important. You have to take care of her furs, nails, teeth, and bathing. In this post, we have discussed how to do proper cat grooming and keeping ears, teeth, eyes, fur, and skin clean, healthy, and disease-free. 

Tips To Properly Groom Your Cat

You can follow these following steps to groom your cat, but in case your cat fights, then she might get injuries. Then you must take professional grooming services by booking an advanced appointment for your cat grooming.

For Cat Fur Care

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To keep cat hair healthy and shiny, it is important to clean and bath the longhaired cats and shorthaired cats regularly. Below are important steps that you must follow for cleaning cat furs.

  • Bathing

Your cat might clean her fur by herself, but still, she needs proper hair care. When your cat gets very dirty and gets something smelly or sticky on her hair, you must give a proper bathing to your cat. Make cat comfortable by bathing her in a sink or tub during her grooming sessions.

  • Brushing

Regular brushing of a cat’s hair not only helps in removing dirt, dead hair, and grease from the cat’s coat but also helps in removing skin flakes as well as stimulate the circulation of blood. The brushing cat’s coat helps in improving the overall health of the cat’s skin. 

  • Skin condition

The skin of a cat reflects the overall health of the cat. If there is any skin problem, your cat might seem like licking, scratching, or chewing her skin. There might be parasites stuck to her skin, or she may have skin allergy. In such cases, you need to ask for veterinary help and take complete treatment. 

  • Shedding

Shedding is the natural process in which cats lose their dead hair. A cat sheds her dead hair throughout the year. If you give your regular cat grooming and vacuum, her hair from the house may minimize and prevent the inconvenience of shedding. But if you notice bald patches on cat skin, then this might be due to some health-related problems. In such cases, you have to hurry and must approach a veterinarian to help and treat the skin problem.

For Cat Ear Care

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You may be wondering that cleaning the cat’s coat is the most important grooming for Cat. But no, a cat also needs time to time cleaning her ears too. However, your cat might stay in your home all day; still ear mites can enter into her ear and suck the blood from her body. Moreover, you should also clean her ear’s wax, and debris so that it may prevent her ears from getting any ear infection. Monitoring your cat’s ear at least one time in a week is enough. You may use earbuds or cotton balls to clean her ear properly. You can also take your kitten to the veterinarian if there is a lot of dirt and so many bugs in her ear. Cleaning her ear properly and frequently will always keep her sonar detectors active and alert in every move. 

For Cat Eye Care

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Like ears and hair, taking care of a cat’s eyes is also important. If you notice your feline blinking irregularly, tearing, cloudiness, inflammation, or crust on her eyes, this may indicate some health problem. A good home eye exam just before grooming can clue you into any tearing, crust, cloudiness, or inflammation that may indicate a health problem. Here are a few simple tips to keep your kitty’s eyes bright and healthy. Here below are some steps that you can follow.

  • Keep your cat’s face under bright light and check the eye area keenly. Check her eyeball should be bright, white, clear, and the pupil of both eyes should be of similar size. 
  • With your thumb, gently roll down your cat-eye and look at the lining of the eyelid. The lid should be pink and not be white or red. 
  • Using a cotton ball wipe out the crusty gunk from the corners of the eye. Whenever you see the gunk on her eyes, clear it right away so to make her feel comfortable all day. 

For Cat Paw Care

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Keep Cat Paws Healthy

Clean her paws twice in a week to remove all kinds of debris stuck inside. Cats’ feet should remain healthy when scratched and prevent their skin from getting an infection. 

Nail Trims

Trim or file cat nails slightly regularly so that when you groom her, it may prevent you from getting scratches. Nail clipping is an important part of cat grooming to keep her infection free. 

For Cat Dental Care

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It is important to keep your cat’s sharp teeth and gums clean and healthy. If their teeth, gums, palate, and gums geet damaged, it can lead to several health problems. It is important to take regular dental care and check-ups at home or from a professional groomer. Use a rubber brush to clean her teeth.