What is JS Meaning in text?

js meaning

Wants to know JS meaning in text? Read the article until end. JS is a way to say that what you’re saying is just an idea and shouldn’t be taken too personally. Like, if you want to tell a friend a tough truth, you might start with “JS.”

Most folks use JS online when messaging or emailing. But they might also use it in texts when sharing something that could be a little mean.

JS is unclear and could stand for other stuff, like “JavaScript” and “Jordan shoes.” So, be careful who you send it to because it might confuse them. Let’s know what is the JS meaning in text:

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HHJKHaha, just kidding
KWISKnow what I’m saying
JKJust kidding
BNRBut not really
JWJust wondering
UKWIS You know what I’m saying

What is js a short name for in programming?

Js is a shorter way to say JavaScript, which is a type of computer language many people use to make websites. It helps make websites do cool things like moving parts and interactive maps.

When folks work on websites, they often use “js” instead of saying the whole word. Like if they need to fix something that’s not working right, they might ask, “Did you solve the js problem on the contact page?”

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CSSCascading Style Sheet
CLSCumulative Layout Shift
WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get
HTTPSHyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
HTMLHyper-Text Markup Language
WCMWeb Content Management
LCPLargest Contentful Paint
Core Web VitalsMetrics that measure the experience of user of a website
HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol

What is JS meaning?

Js is a name for sneakers made by Nike that look like the ones worn by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. Many young people really like these shoes, even though Michael Jordan stopped playing basketball in 2003.

Every year, new designs of these shoes come out, and they cost a lot of money, often over a hundred dollars. The term can also be used as “J” for just one shoe.

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NBANational Basketball Association
BallerCool person
FreshBrand new


What is the JS meaning in text?

JS can stand for “Just Saying” or “JavaScript”.

What is the most common JS meaning in text?

The most common JS meaning in text is “Just Saying”. It is used to soften the delivery of an opinion or statement.

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