Fortnite: Free Naruto Kurama Glider, Here’s How

Free Naruto Kurama Glider

Kurama glider – Have you bought the glider before the release of Fortnite obstacles? However, a method exists to get your funds refunded; continue reading to see how! At retail locations, the Kurama Glider is sold for 1,210 V-Bucks. The smallest quantity of V-Bucks that may be bought is 1,100 for £7.50/$8.98.

So will need to spend roughly £12.99 or $16.78 to get enough V-Bucks to buy the Glider if and when you already possess a quantity or amount. However, if they complete the Fortnite x Naruto competition, gamers also have the fantastic opportunity to receive the same for nothing. Even if the Nindo assignments are no longer being offered, if you completed them satisfactorily.

  • Happy Naruto Uzumaki Smiley face for the first day.
  • Sadness on the second day Sakura Haruno Animated 
  • Furious Sasuke Uchiha Exclamation mark for the third day
  • Fourth Day: Astounded Emoticon by Kakashi Hatake
  • Every weekly assignment memes for the fifth day (not yet earned)
  • Kurama Glider and Shinobi Collaboration download screen is the sixth daily achievement.

Every day, a new task from the list mentioned above was revealed, and the responsibility “given by the personality” was up for grabs.” The glider may be acquired in various ways, though.

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How do I get a Kurama glider for free?

In addition, to get the joyful Naruto Uzumaki emoticons for this activity, gamers must accumulate at least one score on Day 1. One point is earned for every Hundred power dealt to adversaries in Singles, Ensembles, Trios, or Squad members. Additionally, to access the Kurama Glider and Shinobi Teamwork unloading windows throughout the day, gamers must earn at least 150 points.

Sasuke’s objective: Gamers must achieve at least one score on day three of the program to acquire the Sasuke Uchiha angry emoji. Players will be awarded one point for each shark they successfully catch in solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads. To access the Kurama Glider and Shinobi Teamwork unloading windows throughout the day, participants must accumulate at least 50 marks.

How to unlock Kurama glider?

You might receive your V-Bucks back if you acquired the Kurama glider before December 16th. According to the Fornite official Twitter, anyone who bought the Kurama Glider before the time frame indicated can acquire it in the competition and get their 1,200 V-Bucks returned. After the competition, this sum will be reimbursed to participants’ wallets within 72 hours.

Don’t panic if you previously used a refund token before purchasing the Kurama Glider. You’re all protected by Epic. If, however, you have purchased Kurama and finished The Nindo Challenge with a Return Token.

Participants will be able to get the surprised Kakashi Hatake emoticon on the second day by earning at least one point. Each top-25 performance in Solo is worth one credit. There isn’t an extra game option or LTM present. To meet the daily target for the Kurama Glider and Shinobi Collaboration loading displays, gamers must also accumulate a higher score.

Receive your previously unavailable incentives returned!

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To gain all of the enabled daily challenges emoticon incentives listed below, gamers must earn at least two points since day six. All of the top six Members of the squad receive one point. There isn’t any extra game mode or LTM present. Additionally, competitors must receive an additional 11.

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