Best South Park Episodes

best south park episodes

Best south park episodes – Are you here to know all about the best south park episodes streaming, if so, read the article until the end. As Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s silly show turns 25, we remember two and a half decades of big-name stars in many funny moments. 

On Saturday, South Park is 25 years old. It is a great success for a show that, when it started, seemed likely only to become something short-lived and without meaning from kids. But, as the show got older, it increased its aim a lot. South Park has become a full-blown satire that mocks big targets like religion and small ones like Game of Thrones as creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker decide.

The anniversary doesn’t stop South Park from continuing – Stone and Parker have signed a $900 million deal to keep making the show for another five years. But this is still time for thinking, so let’s see the best South Park episodes and where to watch south park streaming.. 

Some Best South Park Episodes

We have here given you the list of some of the best south park episodes. Have a look:

Good Times With Weapons

A shaky rule-breaking event from 2004, Good Times With Weapons is special because of the few moments shown as anime. It’s a lot of fun, but the episode’s message (people get upset by sex more than violence) feels forced or added.

Guitar Queer-o

A lot of South Park (to be kind) is from its time, with no show more so than 2007’s Guitar Queer-o. Not only does it make fun of the old Guitar Hero video game, but its title is really bad too. However, ignore both of those things, and the scene will be very fun.

The Christmas Poo, Mr Hankey

At one point, the excitement about South Park was so much that you could go into a downtown card store and buy a fake poop because it was on the show. Even with all its advertising tricks, this was South Park’s first try at looking into the big question of religion talk. Later, Stone and Parker would make the show better. It helped them become very rich multiple times.

The group of the Ring comes back in Two Towers.

This episode is a great trick. It’s a kind and very true copy of the Lord Ring movies and at the same time asks questions about how hardcore porn affects kids.


Butters is a minor character in South Park, but he plays a big role. His honesty often cuts through the usual scepticism of the show. When they gave Stone and Parker their episode in 2001, they pushed the realness to the extreme. This might be the saddest South Park episode ever made. Talking about it will make me feel bad for a whole week.

Cartman Gets An Anal Probe

South Park’s first episode ever was not as good as we are accustomed to, but it still showed what kind of show it wanted to be. Kenny dies, Cartman is annoying, and there is a strong interest in human body parts. Maybe not the best south park episodes, but an important one.

Grounded Vindaloop

South Park created this episode after realizing that virtual reality was getting too easy treatment. In it, Butters is fooled into believing he’s living inside a VR version of his life before being quickly attacked by a prostitute with a knife.

Major Boobage

A step away from the popular show’s emergency drama, Major Boobage stays mostly relevant. A story about kids getting high from cat pee, this south park best episodes happens mainly in a city, Nippopolis. Everything there is shaped like breasts.

You Have 0 Friends

This event and The Social Network were released in the same year, and both criticize Facebook. But, South Park’s way is a bit more complicated. In this case, the children join Facebook and Cartman ends up fighting off a group of people who can’t stop touching themselves.


An old story of risky moves, where Cartman pretends to be a robot and tricks Butters. But he gets captured (sexually attacked) by the movie business and army.

Kenny Dies

After 78 episodes of killing Kenny in funny ways, Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to make him die for real because of severe muscular weakness. But an event that could have been very sad is made better by a smaller story about a plan to steal lots of unborn babies for money. Now that I have looked at it, this sentence is very bad.

The Jeffersons

5 years before he passed away, Michael Jackson was targeted in a big South Park attack. He goes to a town with a fake name and the kids try to find out if he really hurts children or if people are just being unfair against rich Black men. Also, his whole face mostly comes off in one part.

Medicinal Fried Chicken

Over time, South Park has grown more sure about giving strong opinions on whatever news event was happening when they made the show. In this case, the goals are new places where marijuana is legal and plans to limit fast-food restaurants. 

The show is very good at pointing out how lifestyle rules set by the government often lead to a thriving black market. However, it also has many scenes where Randy jumps on his testicles like a space hopper for fun, so everyone can enjoy something from this show.

Make Love, Not Warcraft

This Emmy-winning episode is known for its presentation. Many of the actions show characters inside a game as they try to fight and get rid of an annoying online player. It’s always fun when shows do something new, and doing so while making fun of the online community of gaming makes it even better.

. Trapped in the Closet

This very famous South Park show was an angry attack on the Church of Scientology. It was put together with R Kelly’s weirdly liked Trapped in the Closet series. Not only does it have a very detailed look at what Scientologists believe in, but the story also ends with characters challenging the religion to sue them. As expected, this is where the show’s relationship with Isaac Hayes (a practising Scientologist) as Chef began to go bad.

Cartoon Wars: Part II

In 2006, South Park’s biggest fight against the control of religion came when they made fun of a Danish newspaper that made Muslims mad by drawing a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad. Stone and Parker also planned to show Muhammad in the episode, but Comedy Central changed it with a black card. But, the story is most famous for showing that Family Guy’s scripts are made by a group of manatees choosing balls at chance from a container.

Some FAQs

What is the best South Park episodes ever?

8 All About The Mormons.

7 The Comeback Of Fellowship Of The Ring To Two Towers.

6 Christian Rock Hard.

5 Casa Bonita.

4 Good Times With Weapons.


2 Make Love, Not Warcraft.

1 Scott Tenorman Must Die.

For more you can read the whole article.

Which best South Park episodes has been censored the most?

“Super Best Friends” can’t be watched in full online without cuts, even though it aired many times before with no problems. But now there are threats of violence linked to when “200” first came out.

Why is South Park episode 200 not allowed?

Episodes 200 and 201 of South Park were not allowed in the USA because they showed the Prophet Muhammad. The Comedy Central network, which shows South Park TV show got many death threats. These were from extreme Muslim groups after the episodes were shown on TV.