Today’s Lewdle: Hints and Answer


Lewdle is one of the most famous variants of Wordle, and in this game, you merely have to guess a five-letter word, but there are only six attempts in one day, and each day the word you have to guess changes. The words are encrypted, and the game has three levels: Easy with 6, Medium with 12, and Hard with 18. 

The words that you can guess in lewdle are very different from each other because, in Easy, the encryption uses only vowels. On the other hand, the Medium-Hard level uses vowels and consonants, so you must mainly check a word with the help of a dictionary or anagram solver. 

When players guess the correct word, they can challenge other players to find it. There is no time limit for guessing a single word. Players can take their time and try to get the correct letters, getting feedback each time they guess a letter. To activate the game mode, you have to click on the button at the bottom, which will automatically encrypt a word you have to guess by clicking on tiles arranged vertically and horizontally according to a five-letter word. Let’s discuss everything you should know about lewdle.



Every day, a five-letter word is chosen, which players aim to guess within six tries. So the concept of this game centers around three different colored tiles, and the color of the tile depend upon the word you have typed if you have typed the correct word, then it will turn green color; the remaining two colors in this game are blue and yellow.  

When a player has a letter in the correct position, they can click on the words tiles, and it will open the encrypted word. Each player can have only one guess at a time. The lewdle timer runs from midnight to midnight. After that period, if nobody has guessed the correct word (which means everyone failed), the game goes into Retro Mode. In this mode, players get extra points for not making mistakes (which means guessing fewer letters than usual).

Lewdle and other Wordle Spin-Offs:

Since lewdle is one of the most famous word games, naturally, there were a lot of spin-offs to this game. Moreover, Wordle is one of many games in this series because Lewdle is a spin-off of Wordle, which also provides the same kind of features, but in Lewdle, you have six attempts to guess the right word. 

Word search, also known as word find, is one of the most popular games in which players are presented with a grid containing words interspersed with blank spaces, and they must find all the words listed using only the blank spaces and they cannot use any letters more than once.

Wordle is a variant of this game, but in Wordle, the words are not listed; instead, it is arranged into clusters that link the topic to each other. Wordle is a game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle and owned by The New York Times Company.