Is Xbox live down

Is Xbox live down

Is Xbox live down? Microsoft is updating the customers with daily information on the Xbox live core services outage being temporarily unavailable. 

Microsoft informed us that Xbox servers are down in the United Kingdom.

Is Xbox Live Down? – Xbox live core services outage

Facing issues with Xbox one and Xbox series x/s creates problems when playing games. While playing games may freeze, face difficulty while starting, or unexpectedly quit. Before solving these issues, check if the servers are affecting the gameplay.

Some users may also face trouble while purchasing or launching a game. Stay tuned on the Microsoft official website to check the status of the problem. 

Here is the latest update of the Xbox Live Core Services Outage :

  • Microsoft confirmed that Xbox live servers are down for Xbox series X and Xbox one. This also includes problems with game purchases on the Xbox store and Cloud Gaming issues.
  • The factor that triggered Xbox live core services outage is unknown, and the duration till which it will affect is also unknown. Microsoft is trying to resolve the issues faster.

Is Xbox Live Down? Microsoft is Working on a Solution 

Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of the Xbox servers down and is working hard and fast on finding the solution. Microsoft usually solves the Xbox live core services outage right on time.

However, at times, Xbox live down problems have persisted for days. Microsoft is trying not to let this happen again and solve the issue not worry it will not take a long time to repair the problem with Xbox live down.


Why did Xbox live down?

If you are facing issues with Xbox, then the Xbox Live servers are down again.

Does Xbox Live still work in 2022?

Xbox 360 is now two generations old. September 2022 was the last time Xbox live gold subscribers were treated to free Xbox 360 games and subscriptions.

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