5 Pro Tips On How to choose a cat sitter?

How to choose a cat sitter

We cat lovers would be more than happy to take our feline friend everywhere with us when we leave our house. But unfortunately, this is not always possible. As a pet owner, we can’t take our cats along whenever we leave town. That’s when it becomes important to the pet sitter or to watch your cat.

It is essential to find a responsible cat sitter to give you peace of mind when you are away. He/she will not only take care of your cat but also will be continually going in and out of the house.

I understand many questions must be wandering in your mind like where I will find a local cat sitter near me? How much to pay a cat sitter?  Can I find in-home cat sitters near me? Choosing a professional cat sitter will require you to do research in your area, ask about the experience of another pet owner with the pet sitter. Then only you can find the best person to cat-sit and also be responsible for your house when you are away.

Here we have mentioned everything you should know for how to choose a cat sitter?

  • Type of cat sitter- this is the first thing that you need to figure out. Whether you want a cat sitter who can visit your home every day while you are away or do you need in house pet sitting service, your choice will be limited to the available options near you and the needs of your pet. The most commonly picked option is finding a professional pet sitter who can come daily, to freshen the water, feed the cat, give them TLC, and scoop the litter.

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  • Ask a friend or neighbor- if you are wondering whether it’s a good idea to ask your friend or neighbor to cat sit, then there are some points you should consider. You should take care that in case something goes wrong when they are cat sitting, they will be held responsible. This can ruin the relationship and even destroy it to some extent. You will be less inclined to stay firm with a person you know personally instead of a professional pet sitter. This might not serve your cat need the best. If you are willing to choose a friend or family member, then keep in mind if they have any history with pets, how they interact with your cat, and their responsibility level demonstrated.

type of cat sitter

  • Ask For references- research potential cat sitter in your area. Ask your friends and family members for recommendations. If you know anyone who has a pet, ask them who they hired in the past and if the experience was good. You can also check online for cat sitters in your area. If you find some good website, make sure to note down contact information so that you can talk to them directly.
  • Ask about their experience- after you get the contact information, call them or, if possible, meet them to talk personally and clear all your doubts. Ask them if they have undergone professional training under pet sitters international association. It is a national association of professional pet sitters where they are trained and educated. Ask how long they have been working as a pet sitter. Ask about their cat care experiences and how they will handle certain situations as per your cat needs. Also, make sure to ask if they will visit your house daily or professional cat sitterstay there for the time you are out.
  • Ask for the cost- pet sitters expect to be paid for their services. The fees usually vary on a daily basis and how many pets you have and if there are any special needs. The charges will be higher in bigger cities. Ask if there will be added cost if you want them to house sit your pet.