Top 10 Longest Snake in the World

longest snake in the world

Longest snake in the world – Snakes have existed in this world for a long time now. And to shed light on who is the biggest, longest, and most dangerous, we are coming up with this article. The following article will circle two basic aspects:
1) The size of the snake will take into consideration the overall length of the snake.
2) Their Existence: Only those species of snakes in this world are considered, not the ones extinct.

List of Longest Snake In The World

Here is a list of the longest snake in the world ranked from bottom to top.

10. King Cobra

This snake is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. King cobra is generally found in high-altitude grasslands, mangrove swamps, and rivers, particularly in India, China, and other Southeast Asia. Although shy, these snakes are quite dangerous, and their single bite of venom is powerful enough to kill up to 10 persons or animals as big as an Elephant or a Hippopotamus.
A king cobra can be up to 13 feet long, making it the longest venomous snake in the world. 

9. Papuan Python:

Papuan python, also known as Apodora Papuan, as the name suggests, is the specie of snake found in Papua New Guinea and some parts of Indonesia. These snakes are quite large, and in some cases, may be equal to the longest snake in the world. Their average size varies from 4 to 4.3 meters(14 feet Approx.). Other than their massive size, they can change their body color; however, that mostly depends on how the light shines on their body. 


8. Yellow Anaconda:

 Paraguayan Anaconda, most commonly known as the Yellow anaconda, belongs to the non-venomous family of snakes. Found in the swamps or flooded areas and savannahs, countries like Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil are home to these species. With an enormous size of around 15 feet, they can easily outshine most snakes in terms of their size.

 7. Cuban Boa:

 Found on trees and in the caves of a rainforest, temperate deciduous forests, and evergreen forests, these snakes are extremely dangerous as their venom is very poisonous. Adding to this is their massive size, around 16 feet in size. That makes it one of the biggest snakes in the world currently.

6. Burmese Python: 

Usually found on the bark of trees, this snake has dark brown skin. This snake only comes down the tree when it grows old. The actual study about the size of the Burmese python is undergoing, but according to some reports, the longest this python has reached is around 18-19 feet.

5. Indian Python: 

This humongous snake species that weighs around 90Kgs and has a size of around 21 feet is found in India’s tropical and sub-tropical zone. Also endangered now due to illegal poaching and agricultural development in the region, this species still exists under strict protection laws.

4. Africa Rock Python: 

This snake is the biggest in Africa and is usually found in dense forests or semi-desert areas in the countries like Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Namibia. This alarmingly big snake has a very large thick, big body covered with colored markings that vary between brown, yellow, or olive. This big reptile can be around 25 feet in length, making it closer to the biggest snake in the world.

3. Amethystine Python: 

Coming from a non Venomous snake species, this snake is also called Scrub Python. Unlike other snakes, it has smooth, shiny skin with light yellow shades spreading across the brown skin, making it quite an intriguing creature. This beast has a size of around  26 feet.

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2. Green Anaconda:

Like other snakes, this species is also found in South America’s swamps and tropical rainforest zone. Green Anacondas, due to their size, are also called Giant Anacondas. Known for their muscular body and olive green and brown color, these species are great swimmers. While people think this is the largest species of snake in the world, even  Like other snakes, this species is also found in South America’s swamps and tropical rainforests zone with a length of around 29 Feet; this specie of snake stands at number two. 

1. Reticulated Python: 

The biggest and the longest snake in the world ever recorded comes from this species. A reticulated python has a size of around 33 feet. Since it’s non-venomous and the largest from the Python family, this snake is often exported from countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Singapore to other parts of the world to be sold as exotic pets.      

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Are all Snakes Venomous?
    No, not every snake is venomous. Only certain types of species can make venom. But still, one has to be extra careful around such animals regardless of their venomous abilities.
  2. What is the longest snake ever recorded?
    According to some evidence, the reticulated python is the longest snake ever recorded, where the snake’s size was a whopping 33 feet.
  3. What is the most poisonous snake on earth?
    The Inland Taipan is currently the most venomous snake alive