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Mike Lindell net worth – American businessman Michael James Lindell is known for founding My Pillow, a company producing cushions, mattresses, and sandals. In 2022, it’s anticipated that Mike Lindell net worth will be close to one hundred million dollars.

The director of the drug-addiction charity Lindell Organization is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump.

Early Years

Michael James Lindell was born in Mankato, Minnesota, on July 29, 1961. He was raised in the Minnesotan communities of Chaska and Madison, where he initially got into casinos as a young adult.

Upon completing high school, Mike attended the University of Minnesota, but he left after just a few weeks.

In his 20s, Lindell became addicted to cocaine, and in the nineties, he started taking crack. Because of his betting and drug substance abuse issues, his initial spouse sought a divorce, and his home was defaulted upon. Mike’s crack dealers conducted an intervention in 2009 due to his escalating drug use.

According to Lindell, they were 3 of the biggest customers in the town. They asserted that I had been up for Nineteen straight days. They were hesitant to sell to me once more. One of them tried to watch over me until I fell asleep. Mike has acknowledged that his 2008 sobriety was aided by prayer.

What is Mike Lindell net worth?

American business leader, novelist, and businessman Mike Lindell has over $51 million net worth. My Pillow was founded and made famous by Lindell. He is also well-known for being a vociferous supporter of Donald Trump, and he has contributed financially and through spreading conspiracies to Trump’s attempts to influence the 2020 presidential election.

To assist drug users in getting treatment, Mike established the Lindell Organization in 2011, and in 2018 he established the Lindell Healing Network to “protect vulnerable users find salvation, sobriety, and the compassion of Jesus.”

What Is the Possibilities? was published by Mike. He created, filmed, and acted in the film “From Crackhead to Entrepreneur” in 2020 as well as “Absolute Proof,” which he also directed and wrote. “to demonstrate that Trump was elected the election results for the presidency” A few minutes following its live-streamed on the One America News Channel site, the film was removed from both YouTube and Vimeo after simple truth called it out for having “disproved, inconsequential claims.”

Professional life

In Minnesota, Mike established several small businesses in the late 1970s, notably pubs, cafes, and carpet cleaning businesses. He developed the My Pillow cushion in 2005, and during the following few years, he sold it at mall kiosks, trade shows, and county fairs.

He started My Pillow, Inc. in 2008, and the business flourished after its debut advertisement in 2012. The $500,000 show lasted 30 minutes and averaged 300 viewings daily.

The commercial “has become the most watched ad in the world,” claims Lindell. Within only 44 days, we grew from 6 to 600 employees.

Mike Lindell Net Worth

At its height, the business reportedly generated $280 billion in annual revenue; as of this publication, it has distributed over 50,000,000 pillows and has over 1,700 employees.

The Better Business Bureau revoked My Pillow, Inc.’s accreditation in 2018 due to customer complaints, and the firm’s grade was reduced to an F.

In 2020, Mike appointed his son Darren as president; by 2021, several retailers had stopped stocking My Pillow products. Lindell thinks retailers stopped carrying his goods due to his fears of vote rigging in 2020.

However, a Bed Bath & Beyond spokeswoman said that My Pillow was one of several “poorly performing products and trademarks” that the company decided to discontinue. Mike announced in 2021 that he’d be creating Vocal, a social media platform that would combine YouTube and Twitter.

He adopted the moniker Frank following a dispute with a business that created the Voices website. Frank was Lindell’s five-year project, making its April 2021 debut despite several technical problems.

Individual Life

Lindell initially got divorced from Karen Dickey after tying the knot twice. He wed Dallas Yocum a 2nd time in 2014, but the union barely lasted one year. Three of Lindell’s prior marriages’ children are his to raise. Along with the Union Gospel Mission and the Charitable Organization, he has generously provided for other causes.

During his 20s, Lindell battled addictions, particularly to cocaine. He also ran up a large number of unpaid bills at this time, which ultimately resulted in the repossession of his house. But in 2008, he became fortunate to become sober through prayer. He established the Lindell Foundation, a charity that helps those struggling with substance abuse today.

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