Top Ten Most Dangerous Breeds of Dogs in the World

most dangerous dog in the world

Most Dangerous Dog In The World – As is very well known, dogs have descended or evolved from wolves. The many breeds of dogs we see these days come down from the same parents, i.e., wolves. Though many breeds of dogs have been tamed or house-trained over the years, stating that many breeds remain aggressive and violent as their “parents” will be like saying that water is wet. As the original purpose the man adopted the wolves was to save himself, his family, and his home from other predators.

As many as 4 million dog bites are reported annually worldwide, with many cases turning fatal.

With this, let’s check out the most dangerous dog in the world at present. Hope that the information below helps you choose the best pet for your home or avoid one.

What makes these breeds the most dangerous dog in the world?

Most people confuse danger with aggression; not every aggressive dog is dangerous. Many breeds of dogs are small in size but very aggressive and have a territorial mindset. These breeds are often seen attacking their owner if they are nagged. But these incidents are not reported since a Chihuahua, or a similar dog breed mostly does them.

So do not leave any confusion in your mind; we have curated a list of dogs you might want to steer clear of if you spot them on the street with no leash. In this list, you will find all the data and reasons that make a dog breed dangerous, their breeding history, their evolution, size and weight, and their temperament issues. To put it more simply, we will study a dog’s ability to attack and get violent.

So why are these breeds more aggressive than the others?

Like every other animal kingdom member, dogs have characteristics that differentiate them from other animals. They also have their psyche, which in laymen’s terms, means that they can exhibit behavior that is individual to them and no other. To state that all dogs behave in a particular manner will be wrong. 

Some dogs we usually see in regular households have been heavily domesticated and pose little to no threat to humans. However, an element of the wild still exists to a certain extent. When threatened, a tamed dog will attack to survive.

To attack and to cause harm are two different things, though. A dog of the Pug breed “can attack,” but it may not necessarily be harmful to a human. A German shepherd, whose breeding purpose is to attack the impending threat, can and will cause harm if put under dire circumstances.

A Chihuahua is a very aggressive breed, and it is very particular about its territory, but just like pugs, it is difficult to imagine them causing harm. The breed of the dogs is a predominant factor in determining whether it will turn violent but how they are raised is also a matter of concern. It has been observed through studies that dogs owned or tamed by people with a degree of psychopathic behavior have a greater chance of being violent and dangerous.

Here’s a list of the most dangerous dog in the world for homes:

Ten Most Dangerous and Vicious Dog Breeds in the World currently|

How do we know which dog is the most dangerous of all? To determine which dog is the most lethal, we have sourced all the data of incidents reported by the victims who were hurt from 2005 to 2017. What makes a dog breed vicious and lethal is the amount of time they were responsible for a fatal and deadly attack on humans. According to the data we procured, we have compiled a list of lethal dog breeds that might kill a person with their attack, making them the most vicious dog breeds in the world.  

To be more authentic and have a correct presentation, we also compared data from 2021 to the data we already had. So here is a list of dog breeds that are the most dangerous dog in the world:

Pit Bull:

Pit Bull, which is still not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, is a catchy name for the breed that `includes terriers and bulldogs. It is not shocking to see this breed at number one on the list of a most dangerous dog in the world. According to the data collected, nearly 284 deaths were reported by the victim’s families who were killed by the attacks of Pit bulls, which make up about 2/3 of all deaths by a dog in the United States

Well, not to blame them since they were bred as hunting dogs initially and not house pets. People must be aware of their dog’s fatality before opting for them as pets. With the high number of fatal attacks in the United States alone, the population is still short in percentage, i.e., 6% overall.

What makes them more dangerous is their large body that weighs around 80 pounds, which is a lot for a dog breed. On top of that, they have strong jaws and serious temperament issues. Physically no human being or even other breeds of dog can withstand an attack by a pit bull. Even with such alarming facts and data, people still defend that their temperament depends on their upbringing and not the whole breed. 


Before pit bulls had so much dirt on their name of being the most dangerous dog breed in the world, this chart was topped by Rottweilers. This breed was the former most vicious dog breed in the world. It was because they were even bigger than pit bulls, with a height of around 25 inches and around 120 pounds.

Due to their large size and temperament, the size of a nut, they were often seen attacking house visitors. Now in cases of theft and burglary, it was good but not so okay when a guest came to the house. Rottweilers are very well known for protecting their owners and being friendly with them, making them loyal, protective, and great guard dogs. It’s just they can’t differentiate between an intruder and a guest. 

Regarding the attacks done by Rottweilers, around 10% of all the reported incidents in the United States were by a Rottweiler. This includes around 45 deadly attacks that were reported during that time. 

German Shepherd

Often considered by the police and militaries, German Shepherds are also called K9 while employed by the police. The reason they have opted for police dogs is that they are powerful, intelligent, robust, and have a dangerous and deadly instinct that, if not controlled, might kill a person. 

They have been bred as a great guard and working dogs with an average height of around 24 inches and around 90 pounds. And have been proven effective during all this time.

Since every good quality comes with a bad one, their aggressive nature and territorial nature have been very well known for their vicious attacks, with around 20 deaths in the time mentioned above. The icing on the cake is that they can be trained as good house pets. 

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American Bulldog

Standing at around 30 inches tall and a 100-pound vicious, this dog breed is violent, aggressive, and one of the most lethal. Most people confuse them with their British counterpart, which is just overbred, an oversized dog bred to uselessness. But American bulldogs are very well known for their strong and fatal attacks. 

According to the study mentioned above, in 13 years, nearly 15 deaths were reported by people due to attacks made by the American Bulldog, which comprises 3.5% of all the total attacks reported. Now the numbers might not look significant to you, but if you see an American bulldog out of control, steer clear of them as it can jump high and knock a full-sized adult human being. 


If trained from a young age, this dog breed can be valuable as a house pet. Since they are devoted, fearless, and loyal, they are often considered house pets. Due to their territorial nature, they often don’t like the company of an outsider in their habitat. 

The number of attacks for which a Bullmastiff was responsible is not as high as those mentioned above, with around 3.2% of the total number of attacks reported during the 13-year study of dog attacks. Nearly 14 deaths have been reported from the attacks by Bullmastiffs.

What makes them dangerous is their size and weight; with around 27 inches of height and nearly 130 pounds of weight, they can cause severe damage to the person or any other animal they are attacking. Another thing that raises concern is the population-to-attack ratio. This rare breed is not often seen easily but still has a good percentage of attacks reported. 

Siberian Huskies

As we discussed above, dogs evolved from wolves; Siberian Huskies look like they stopped mid-way through the evolution. They have an uncanny resemblance to wolves. And not just looks; they have the same temperament as well.                

Since they were wild dogs raised and used as sled dogs in the snow in Canada and the United States, they have a mindset of seeing every other animal as a threat. While they are not that big, with a weight of around 60 pounds, their temperament is what gives them away. They look at smaller beings as prey, whether small dogs or humans.

Evolved from the wolves and bred to be in the wilds, their need to survive makes them unstable in a protected environment. The abovementioned study reported that Huskies did around 3% of the total attacks. With proper training and care, this breed has now started to live among humans easily, but one still has to be careful as they usually attack children.  

Labrador Retriever

Who is now a family-friendly dog and a very easy to manipulate as well as a trustworthy dog who was once bred and raised as a hunting dog who would work alongside humans as they went hunting? With merely standing at around 24 inches and weighing around 80 pounds, this breed, which has evolved as people-friendly, now makes a very poor guard dog.

Even though being people friendly, they have managed to be responsible for around 2.1% of all the fatal incidents reported in this 13-year study. So what makes them so dangerous? Since they are not that intelligent, they attack people thinking they are defending their territory or sometimes their food. Another reason for their attacks has been when humans try correcting their behavior or training them, they see it as a threat and might fight back. Even though they are not aggressive or have temperament issues, be careful around them since they lack judgment ability. 


Boxers were initially used as working dogs since they were big and strong. Also, they made one of the best guard dogs because they looked ferocious. Since they were used as household dogs, they became a bit friendly toward humans.

Even though they are friendly and a family breed of dogs, Boxers have this habit of being overprotective towards their owners. This overprotective nature has made them one of the world’s most dangerous dogs; their nature’s uncertainty has often led to attacks on innocent victims, which they thought threatened their owners. 

Since they are more friendly than ferocious, the death toll of their victims is quite low, but still, a single victim is enough to be careful around these dogs. According to our study, the death toll stands around seven during these 13 years. 

Doberman Pinscher  

The Doberman Pinscher is the most uptight and one of the most dangerous dog in the world. They stand tall, have a slim bodies with always cropped, standing ears, and an always alerted look on their face. They make the best guard dogs in the world, and how they handle their duty has also made them quite a villain in the dog breed world.

Even their name means the habit of biting and attacking prey. The word pinscher comes from the German language. They got this name because they were bred to be attacking and fighting dogs, which has given them the title of one of the most vicious dogs in the world.

Deaths from the vicious attacks of pinchers stood at 6 when the study was conducted. But don’t confuse the smaller number with their innocence; since they stand around 3 to 3 feet tall and weigh around 80 pounds, they can still attack a full-grown adult and may cause serious harm if not killed.  

Alaskan Malamute

The last one on the list is an Alaskan Malamute; now, don’t get confused between an Alaskan Malamute and a Siberian Husky. They both look like they stopped halfway through evolution from a wolf. They also have a striking resemblance to a wolf. Like their ancestors, they can be very strong and dangerous, weigh around 90 pounds, and are about 26 inches tall. 

Coming from the wild, they often don’t adapt well around the regular household; they tend to jump around and be quite naughty and have to train properly from a very young age.

The death toll by an Alaskan Malamute stands at around four deaths in all these years. But they are still considered dangerous due to their size and the uncertainty in their behavior because of their mischievous nature.  

Final Verdict on the Most Vicious Dogs

Not every dog is dangerous and vicious in the world; even the most vicious dog can be trained and socialized to be kind and controlled at your house. Watch out for their instincts, and you will be good to go. Other than that, some other factors play a vital role in making of the most dangerous dog in the world. These are:

  • Sex (Males have more temperament issues)
  • Fence aggression
  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Approaching unfamiliar dogs

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Which is the most dangerous dog breed in the world?

Currently, Pitbull has the highest number of deaths caused by a dog, with nearly 284 deaths in 12 years.

Can dogs be trained?

Yes, dogs can be trained to be well-mannered and obedient, but training must be started from a very young age.

From which animal have the dogs evolved?

Dogs have mainly evolved from wolves. This is why they have anger issues and must be trained to remain non-violent.

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