Movies That Changed the Fate of Gambling


Gambling often becomes one of the central elements of a motion picture as well as the plot of a literary work. Gambling addiction, mystical events, fortune, and criminal events can be associated with them, as gambling is always associated with money. Gambling entertainment can be used as a symbol or, on the contrary, play a major role in the development of the storyline.

In most cases, viewers have the wrong impression of the gambling industry after watching a movie. Nevertheless, the cinema world is full of striking examples of films that depict the hidden sides of gambling and casinos and true stories about gambling that have changed people’s fates dramatically. All the more when the best free online slots can be downloaded to your cell phone and launched at any time without risking your own finances. The offer is very attractive, isn’t it? But how it will affect human life, no one knows yet. This also applies to the plot of the movies.

Casino Movies That Are Capable of Changing the Gambling Industry

The gambling business continuously evolves. With the development of computer technology and IT, changes have also affected gambling. This conclusion can be made after studying the best casino reviews. To date, online gambling platforms have surpassed land-based establishments in many ways. Their main advantages are the following:

  • a large selection of entertainment options;
  • the ability to play slots for free;
  • the simultaneous launch of multiple slot machines;
  • no time constraints, etc.

However, online casinos are not always superior to offline ones. You can become convinced of this after watching movies that describe the nuances and subtleties of visiting these establishments. In addition, before watching these films, the viewers can familiarize themselves with the key features of land-based casinos at

The best movies that played an important role in the creation and promotion of gambling are:

1The Gambler
2Molly’s Game
3Lucky You
5The Cooler
7Ócean’s Film Trilogy

Each of these films has played an important role in the process of creating and further promoting gambling around the world. Also, many filmmakers in their works consider the impact of movies on the development of online casinos.

The Gambler

This famous drama is about a teacher of literature who  became addicted to sports betting over time. The storyline is based on the novel of the same name by Dostoevsky. The main character gradually becomes addicted to betting. His desire to win leads to the point where the character loses everything he owns. Eventually, he decides to go to Las Vegas to get even. However, even more frustrations await him there.

After a while, the teacher still manages to pay back the entire debt. But during this period his life changes dramatically.

Molly’s Game

The movie is centered on a businesswoman named Molly. She is accused of organizing illegal poker tournaments. At the same time, the bets on this game are very high. In the past, the heroine was engaged in sports skiing. However, after an injury, she decided to quit her career and went to work in an underground casino. She managed to quickly get used to the new place.

After working there for a short time, the heroine had a quarrel with the management and decided to open her own casino. And she got a resounding success, for which she had to pay:

  • repeated conflicts with the mafia;
  • the seizure of all her property;
  • physical violence.

But even in this case, Bloom made the best of a bad situation: in court, she did not expose her enemies.

Lucky You

In this movie, the main problem in the family and the love relationship between the characters is revealed through poker. Huck, an experienced poker player, dreams of making it to a major poker tournament. But in order to do so, he needs to raise a huge amount of money. For this purpose, he steals money from his lover and borrows the missing amount. Once he gets to the tournament, he has a challenging task – to outplay his father in the finals.

The fate of the protagonist is decided at the last deal of cards. It is then that he makes the most important and unexpected decision for himself.


The characters of the film are a group of students and a teacher who together want to cheat a casino by outplaying it. In the past, the teacher was a professional gambler. So he wants to go back to those times and together with his students to defeat one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas in blackjack.

At first, the main characters succeed as they planned. But soon, when the first serious mistakes are made, they begin to argue and quarrel. Deception and set-up begin.

The Cooler

In this movie, the main character plays for the casino, not against it. The original title of the movie is translated as an unlucky man who got a job at the casino and his job is to cheat all the visitors. He owes a large amount of money to one of the main criminals of the area who is the owner of the casino. But soon the “loser” has a white streak in his life, and he begins to get out of this hole.


This is another movie that reveals all the intricacies of casino work. The main character manages to get a job in a casino as a croupier giving up his career as a writer. He observes the players’ losses and starts playing the game against the rules. Eventually, he decides to help one of them. For this purpose, they are going to rob the establishment. However, at the very last moment, their deal fails. After losing everything, the protagonist writes a book about it.

Ócean’s Film Trilogy

The storyline of the three motion pictures unfolds around criminals. They get together as a team to rob the biggest casino in Las Vegas. And the whole operation is about big money and constant checks on each other’s honesty. After all, not only a large amount of money is at stake but also their freedom.