Mystery of Byron Yawn And His Affair


Byron yawn: A former pastor of community bible church of Nashville. He met an American former baseball and outfielder, Zobrist, and his wife Julianna in the church. 

As per the statement of Zobrist, Byron yawn had an affair with his wife, Julianna, and he wants to divorce her. Not only this, According to journals, Byron Yawn was accused of taking money from Zobrist’s charity.

All about Byron Yawn’s wife and children

Byron Yawn was born in Mississippi, Alabama, USA, on March 4, 1970. Robin was his wife. Both were high-school friends and grew together and later came out to be Christian and got married.

They were blessed with three children named Lauren, Blake, and Wade.

Byron Yawn and Robin

Yawn and his wife Robin arrived at Nashville’s community bible church in 2001.

Later, Byron Yawn met Zobrist and his wife Julianna in the church. As per the complaint of Zobrist, Byron Yawn and Julianna had an affair, and to save themselves from any blame and to keep their relationship hidden, they used “burner phones” to keep in touch with each other.  

In May 2019, Robin(wife of Byron Yawn)came to know about the burner phone that his husband possessed and warned him to confess everything in front of Zobrist; otherwise, she would tell everything about their secret relationship with Julianna.

Eventually, Robin confided the matter to Zobrist and added that she suspected that her husband and his wife had a secret emotional relationship but nothing sexual she saw.

Byron Yawn And Ben Zobrist

 Zobrist was the hero of the World Series for the Chicago  Cubs, who have won the World Series two times. He dropped a $6 million lawsuit against the former pastor of Nashville’s community bible church in accusation of an extramarital affair with his wife, Julianna.

Zobrist and Julianna

Zobrist had faced a mental shock and decided to take a four-month break from baseball, Chicago club, to deal with his marital issue.

Zobrist and Julianna got married in 2005 and had three children. Later, when he came to know about her extramarital affair, he filed for a divorce against his wife.

The net worth of Byron Yawn

The net worth of Byron Yawn was found to be between 2-3 million dollars.

Some Frequently Questions(FAQs)

  • Is Byron Yawn still married to Robin Yawn?

As per the information on the internet, Robin yawn keeps her personal life private, as there is no confirmation of their marriage and divorce.

  • Are Zobrist and Julianna still married?

According to Cook County Circuit Court Record, the petition of divorce, which was filed in May 2019, was dismissed later.

  • Is Byron Yawn still a pastor?

No, he is the former pastor of Nashville’s community bible church and CEO of forest Crain and Co.

  • What does Ben Zobrist do now?

While going through a divorce, he takes care of his children as he is a devoted dad. He has not officially retired from baseball, and last played the 14th major league season in 2019. 


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