More about first wife of Anthony Bourdain, Nancy Putkoski

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Nancy PutkoskiBourdain had been married to Nancy Putkoski for about twenty years. They were together from the mid-1980s until their legal divorce in 2005. They were together for more than 20 years in some way or another. Their relationship started in the early 1970s when Bourdain was still at high school.

When famous food chef, Anthony Bourdain, died in 2018 by taking Anthony Bourdain wife Ottavia Busia-Bourdain, and they shared one child together. Their daughter was Ariane Bourdain. But Bourdain’s love life was much more difficult than what these things would make you think.

Though Busia-Bourdain and Bourdain were still legally married when Bourdain died, they had been apart for a long time. This allowed Bourdain to date other people, like the Italian actress Asia Argento whom he was seeing up until his death.

People have paid the most attention to the relationships of Bourdain with Argento and Busia-Bourdain, but they weren’t his only important love affairs.

However, not much is known or talked about publicly about the woman who was with Bourdain as he grew up and became famous. So, who is this unknown former Anthony Bourdain Wife? Why does she appear so mysterious? Here is the hidden truth about first wife of Anthony Bourdain, Nancy Putkoski.

Who is Nancy Putkoski?

Because there is not much public info about first wife of Anthony Bourdain, Nancy Putkoski, it could make you think that maybe rumours of their marriage have been made up a lot. However, this is not true. 

Nancy Putkoski and Anthony Bourdain is high school ‘bad girl’ 

If Nancy Putkoski went to a private high school in New Jersey after that, she moved on to Vassar College. This is a top school for learning higher things. Like Bourdain, her family was at least quite rich when she was growing up. Just like how Bourdain called himself a “mad and different teenager” who was loved but did not like the normal life in his house, according to Daily Life, it looks like Putkoski may have also gone against what is usual in suburban areas.

Bourdain talked about Nancy Putkoski being a wild, older girl than him and part of a crowd that did drugs. However, he did not see this as a bad thing at all. He really liked her and admitted that is part of why he decided to finish high school before the usual time. His next move was to stay close behind Putkoski as he went to Vassar.

Anthony Bourdain and Nancy Putkoski did not commit relationship in college

According to Anthony Bourdain’s comments and reports that mention their connection, he and Nancy Putkoski were sweethearts in high school. Bourdain told Daily Life that he really liked Putkoski a lot. So much so that he left high school one year early to go with her to Vassar College. Only a few men at the time went there.

Anthony Bourdain described Nancy Putkoski as a marriage threat

They offered him a TV deal later, around early 2017, he told The New Yorker. Nancy Putkoski, his wife then, saw TV as a big danger to their marriage. Bourdain explained this later on. The entire world was becoming available to me. I had seen things. I had smelled things. I desperately wanted more. She saw the whole thing like a bad cancer.”

Putkoski’s happy-go-lucky attitude and Bourdain’s brave wishes created conflict in their marriage. It finally broke because they could not agree on things. It officially broke in 2005. Twelve years later, he still pointed to that decision as his life’s big mistake.

Nancy Putkoski chose obscurity 

The decision to live her life away from the public was a choice that might have led to the end of Nancy Putkoski’s marriage with the late famous chef Anthony Bourdain (from The New Yorker). However, it seems like a decision Nancy Putkoski has not hesitated to make, even after Bourdain’s sad death.

Even though Neville clearly decided not to talk to Argento for his movie documentary, the filmmaker has never said why Putkoski’s voice is not in it.

However, we know how Putkoski felt about being famous during her time with Bourdain. A journalist named Patrick Radden Keefe said in The New Yorker that she told him her perfect level of fame would be like a Supreme Court Justice’s. 

Some Questions

What is the situation with first wife of Anthony Bourdain?

After breaking up, she went out of sight of the spotlight. She has not been on social media and has not shown herself in public since her divorce. After the famous cook passed away, Nancy Putkoski was missed. Many people saw that she did not talk at all about it.

What happened between Anthony Bourdain and Asia Argento?

Bourdain said he was hurt that the rumoured relationship happened in a hotel they often went to together. Argento likely texted back, “I cannot handle this,” and then ended the relationship. The next day, the two talked again by sending messages.

Who inherited Anthony Bourdain’s money?

He left most of his things to his daughter Ariane Busia-Bourdain, who was only 11 years old when her dad passed away. His money worth was considered over $16 million (£13.54 million) before, but the New York Court record showed it was only $1.2 million (£1.02 million).

Who was Anthony Bourdain’s girlfriend when he passed away?

Anthony Bourdain was happy with his girlfriend, Asia Argento before he died at 61 years old in June 2018.