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THICC ANIME GIRL – What does the phrase “nose bleeding after witnessing a sexy woman” represent to lovers of thicc anime girl and manga?

There are other characters besides just men. It’s not uncommon to see bleeding noses in female characters in anime. Nose-bleed is essentially a way to show sexual ecstasy while restricting it for viewers under 18. When a feeling is excited, his nose starts to bleed.

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It is thought that Yasuji Tanioka was the very first manga artist to start this fabled style in the early 1970s.

List Of Thicc Anime Girls

We’re here to list the best thicc anime girls right now & That sounds intriguing.

These anime girl characters are the sexiest ones available. Therefore, I advise you to grab some tissues for the occasional case.

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet constitutes a beautiful beast inside. Our main character, Natsu, teams up with Ezra, a Fairy Tail Guild S-Class Mage.

She even rose to become the seventh Guild Master while Makarov was away.

Our redhead is tall and looks exceptionally young, but she has a rigid personality.

Her mystical power She can don numerous magic armours thanks to requip. She is the most lethal woman among the members of the Fairy Tail Guild, thanks to her collection of various magic costumes.

Trust me, every piece of armour is hot as hell. Speaking of her personality, she strongly tolerates injustice due to her past as a slave.

If you meet her, this is something you will worry about.

Most Fairy Tail Guild members regard her as a demon who is terrified of her wrath. Erza’s personality is unlike that of most women because of alcohol use.

She has romantic affection towards her childhood friend Jellal, so don’t even consider asking her to get married to him.

Erza Scarlet

Azusa Hamaoka

Azusa Hamaoka is ranked number 24 among the thicc anime girls.

She is a supporting figure in Grand Blue, yet she steals every scene she is in.

Azusa is a final-year Oumi Women’s University undergraduate and Izu University’s intercollegiate diving club member.

She is an incredibly hot female with a voluptuous physique and large breasts.

She has grown significantly as a character thanks to Kimitake Yoshioka, Kenji Inoue, and the Grand Blue Dreaming mangakas.

She has an outgoing, charming demeanour akin to a Neko. In various anime sequences, her attractiveness attracts a lot of unwelcome male attention, and she is not afraid to undress to a bikini.

She has an unusual relationship with Iori. For the first time, Hamaoka made her gender identity & sexual orientation known to Iori.

Given that Grand Blue is an anime with a beach theme, I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy the purple-haired female because there are lots of skins & swimsuits around.

Azusa Hamaoka

Ayame Shaga

Another ideal female is Ayame Shaga via Ben-To if you enjoy blondes.

She has large thicc thighs, full breasts and a slim figure. Yoh Satou’s half-Italian cousin Shaga, the main character of Ben-To, is a bento fighter like the other personalities from this thicc anime girl with the working title Beauty from the Lake.

Chopsticks are her go-to weapon of choice when fighting Ben-To. She enjoys spending time with Yoh & Sen.

Even though Ayame is silent about her genuine feelings for our protagonist, Yoh is the object of her unmatched adoration.

Shaga frequently leans her breast against Yoh’s back or arm in Ben-To anime thighs scenes since she harbours romantic sentiments for her half-cousin.

Oh, yeah, obstinacy is another one of her character qualities.

Ayame Shaga


Albedo from the thicc anime girl series Overlord is now one of the list’s most lethal female characters.

Even though Albedo is not representative of all humans, we cannot discount her for being a strong woman.

In Nazarick, she is the Floor Guardians’ chief and a succubus.

The protagonist of Overlord is Ainz Ooal Gown, also known as Momonga, and before closing down the game’s server, Albedo modified her settings so that she is deeply in love with him.

Due to her succubus gene, which gives her a powerful sex drive, she sleeps naked in Ainz’s bed.

Albedo appears to be a hybrid of a fallen angel and a demon. She hasn’t gotten much fan mail, but the web-based novel version doesn’t have her.

Therefore, her uniqueness as a manga-only character must be acknowledged by including her on our list.



The doctor is the most lethal of these chicks; her real name is unknown.

The Kansai Government designates Doctors to serve as Akudama with a 432-year sentence for taking countless lives and doing unlawful procedures.

The story will be ruined if we go into greater detail about her role in the plot. She is a hip-hop chick with her tall size, pink hair, and appealing body shape.

Be cautious of your desires. The Akudama thicc anime girl seems to be a medical freak who enjoys playing with other people’s lives.

She is willing to have sex with anyone if it will help her. Her age is likewise unknown since her beauty altered to her physique in the Akudama universe.

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Busujima Saeko

The most attractive surviving student in Fujimi High School is Saeko Busujima. She is the Kendo Club captain in her last year of college.

Given that the HighSchool of Death is an ecchi anime thighs featuring a lot of nudity, its thickness can be completely assessed.

The triangle fringe at the forefront of Saeko’s nose, her signature hairdo, is well-known in anime culture.

Our taller-than-usual Japanese girls with purple hair have a killer figure that will make anyone’s nose bleed.

Saeko is one of the most dependable fighters in the gang despite being peaceful and composed by nature. Saeko is a master of the bokken in close combat.

The thicc anime girl also makes intimate sexual overtures to Takashi, which dashes all of our expectations.

Busujima Saeko

Maya Natsume

Maya Natsume, the leader of the Juken Club, is one of Tenjou Tenge’s most notable characters.

She has greater growth of characters in the manga edition than in the anime, I felt the need to add.

Maya is a master of martial arts, and the plot may involve a love triangle, including her attractiveness. She has a busty body type with some fantastic body curves.

She is the Reiki sword master and the elder sister among the two younger Natsume daughters.

Natsume is the only lady at Toudou Academy with fighting prowess and aesthetic appeal. The academy recognises her for having grey hair.

Although the manga edition contains many fan services, nudity is suppressed in the anime thighs.

Your nose can start bleeding immediately from the exposing outfits the silver-haired thicc anime girl likes to wear.

Even Souichirou, our main character, was smitten by Maya’s vivacious, compassionate, and complicated nature.

Maya Natsume


Dr. Stone, a science-fiction anime, is not an exception to this rule.

As one of the main characters in the anime, the young girl Kohaku personifies that aspect.

She is a modern human ancestor, not just a regular human. Her allegiance is to Senku, our bright protagonist.

In some ways, the Daughter of Kokuyo symbolizes American and Japanese ancestry. Kohaku is a sweet and caring girl but also has impulsive tendencies and struggles to control her wrath.

However, her fortitude and strength are crucial to the narrative. Our “Gorilla Girl” is a contender from a recent anime series, but male fans are very drawn to her thickness.


Characters in Akame Ga Kill have depth. We will thus attempt to clarify Esdeath in this way.

The protagonist of the show’s love interest and adversary are both named Esdeath.

Although we all have differing opinions about Akame Ga Kill’s narrative, nobody can dispute Esdeath’s depth. You’ll feel sexy after seeing the crimson tattoo of Teiguon’s sign on her cleavage.

Esdeath enjoys engaging in fierce combat with powerful foes and inflicting severe suffering on her adversaries. You’ll undoubtedly come to despise her because of her barbaric behaviour, manipulative ways, and lack of compassion.

The commander of the thicc thighs Jaegers, a senior general in the Empire, is extremely brutal to the Night Raid yet was smitten with Tatsumi.


Hana Uzaki

Hana Uzaki is a good person to hang out with if you’re an introvert. We are more drawn to her by her vibrant personality than by her thinness.

She is the person who makes Uzaki-chan Would like to Hang Out! more entertaining to watch in her role as the main character.

Hana, who has a bust measurement of 96 cm (J cups), is the epitome of a thicc anime girl within a lighthearted animation.

She’s a second-year college student, and she’s constantly upbeat and self-assured. This girl is capable of it all if her only objective is to stay older than she was from Shinichi from feeling lonely.

In addition, Uzaki chan’s fame is expanding faster than her large breasts. Although she teases Shinichi, we find it amusing.

Hana Uzaki

Ikumi Mito

Unfortunately, only two of the many attractive women from the Food Wars anime made it onto our list.

Ikumi Mito, the first darker in complexion woman on this list of top thicc anime girls, is first.

She is among the most attractive pupils in the 92nd class at Tootsuki Culinary Academy. We will all fawn over Ikumi after her food fight with Yukihira.

You could feel a little amorous after seeing Ikumi in her bikini top. She first didn’t like Yukihira but is now delighted to call the Mito family her own.

Later, Soma grew to like our meat expert. To others, Mito had always appeared to be a harsh girl, but when she tasted Soma’s food, her tender side emerged.

Overall, her thiccness distinguishes her from the other characters in the series.

Ikumi Mito


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “THICC ANIME GIRL”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Why are anime chicks so alluring?

Ans. They share baby-like characteristics with us that we find “cute,” such wide eyes and bigger head towards body ratios. For both infant animals and people, this is true. These characteristics are emphasised in anime style, so viewers find them alluring.