Top 5 Tips To Prepare Children for the Start of School

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The start of school can be a stressful time for both children and parents. While children have to deal with a new classroom, classmates, and teachers, parents worry about the stress that comes from organizing new routines, finances, and how their kids will do at school.

From choosing the right boys and girls’ school shoes to buying the perfect lunchbox or staying on track with the current fashion trends for kids, there are plenty of things to do to get ready for the school year. It’s a lot to think about, so if the situation is getting a little overwhelming, here are a few tips.

1. School Supplies

School supplies are at the top of the list. Wait to buy everything until you have a list from your child’s teacher. That way, you can ensure that you are spending your money wisely. One advantage of not buying too far ahead is that many stores have sales on school supplies, which can help you get everything you need at a reasonable price. You will save money by knowing exactly what you need and getting it on sale.

2. Routines

Another way to avoid stress is to create a morning routine. This is especially important when you have more than one child. With a routine and schedule, you’ll be able to keep everything straight and get everywhere on time. Getting a visual chart and placing it on the fridge or pantry door can help your kids stay on top of the schedule as well. Making a consistent routine gives children security and can help them foster independence as they learn what needs to be done each morning, from making their bed to eating breakfast to brushing their teeth.

3. School Clothing

Whether you have to purchase new uniforms or new school clothes, keep in mind how quickly children grow and how easily they wear out their clothing. Look for durable materials, and buy clothes with a little room to grow into. This is true for uniforms, shirts, pants, and most importantly girls and boys’ school shoes.

Also, be sure that whatever you purchase for your children is comfortable for them to wear. This will help prevent distractions at school. Opt for clothing without tags. If your children are little, consider pants that are easy to pull up and down on their own, as well as velcro straps or slip-on shoes.

4. Nutrition

During summer vacation, children have more free time, which often means that they eat more and better. However, when school starts, things can be hectic and you will have less time to eat breakfast and lunch. If you don’t plan, they may not be getting the proper nutrients. Because kids are growing and using a lot of energy, a balanced diet is essential to help them continue to grow healthy. Nutrition professionals recommend meal planning, so kids have a nutritious and varied diet. This will directly benefit their performance at school.

5. Safety

Finally, one of the most important things to consider when getting our children ready for school is their safety. Review ground rules and role play with your kids. Make it clear to your children that they should never come home alone and help them learn what to do if someone other than yourself offers to take them home. Teach them about their bodies and that only they can touch certain areas, as well as respect the boundaries of others.

Enjoy School Time

Keeping children safe, nurtured, and dressed are all important, but the most important thing you can do is let them always know that you love them. School time may be stressful, but it’s also part of life, so enjoy it together. They need to know that no matter what happens at school, you will be waiting for them with lots of love.