Today’s Lewdle: Hints and Answer

NERDLE OF THE DAY – The newest maths-style puzzle game is called Nerdle, and its basic premise is to predict a mathematical answer correctly in 6 tries. You can play a game online for free. “Nerdle of the day” is now played daily by millions of individuals thanks to its rapid increase in popularity amongst maths enthusiasts. Nerdle Game is being played by individuals from all over the world, and they are posting their outcomes on social media. It is now a common occurrence in daily life.

The Nerdle of the day resets each day at midnight, generated as part of 24 hours to complete the brand-new math challenge. 

The right Nerdle Answer for today will be solved and provided throughout this post to make it simple and uncomplicated for Nerdle users. The most recent Nerdle Answer is posted here each day. Therefore, the next time you require the Nerdle Answer, search this website first.

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How do you Play the Online Nerdle and the Solve Number Game?

  • Go to first. 
  • Identify the next eight letters from “0123456789+-*/=” by yourself. 
  • Ensure the whole thing has one “=” and a mathematically correct calculation. 
  • Now enter the first row with your best guess for the first eight letters of your selection. 
  • Press the Enter key.
  • You will now receive the hints in one of the three colors—green, purple, or black—depending on the answer you provided in the first row. Thus, the color green indicates that now the word is found in the proper spot, purple indicates that the letter is present in the answer but not in the proper location, and black indicates that perhaps the letter is not present in the answer. 
  • Enter the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth solutions based on the clue. 
  • You will have a total of 6 chances to solve this day’s Nerdle Game.

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Tips and hints for the Nerdle answer of the day (December 21)!

In nerdle of the day, The symbols and numbers that make up today’s solution are 3, *, 4, =, 7, -, and 6, 7. 

It might be more challenging to guess each everyday calculation than to use words. The tip provided above will help you get started if you’re unsure of today’s Nerdle answer or are fresh to the game and curious about where to begin.

Ideally, that will be all the information you require to accurately predict today’s Nerdle, but if you’re still having trouble, have seen the complete solution below.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “nerdle of the day”. I hope the language is accurate and understandable.


Q1) Is there one Nerdle a day?

Ans- Nerdle is played once every day. The reset time is set to midnight GMT to ensure that everybody performs the same game.

Q2) what is this nerdle game?

Ans- Richard Mann, the app’s inventor, calls Nerdle the “Wordle counterpart for maths aficionados.” To win, you must correctly guess the “word” six times and fill in those eight tiles.

Read More – Today’s Lewdle: Hints and Answer