How to Choose the Right Bath Soap? – Types of Soaps and Steps to Choose the Right One

how to choose the right bath soap

Not all the soaps are the same, and they develop different impacts on the skin. Do you know that the so-called “cleansing soaps” can be harmful to the skin, and the “old fashioned” soaps can have the best properties? Soaps vary on the basis of clinical impacts and chemical configuration. Different types of soaps are available in the market, which makes it confusing to choose the right one. Soaps are the daily skincare essential, so it is better to choose the one best bath soap for the skin.

Now you must be thinking about how to choose the right bath soap for daily use? By knowing your requirements, you chose the best bath. We have got you some simple steps to choose the right soap. But before that, let’s have a look at the types of soap.

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What are Different Types of Soap?

A wide range of soaps is available in the market that differs on the basis of chemical configuration and their impacts on the skin. Here is a list of different types of soap for the skin.

  1. Syndet Bars

Most of the bars present at the shops are not even soap technically; rather, they are syndet bars. The syndet bars are developed from synthetic surfactants. These surfactants are manufactured from fats, petroleum, or oil products, which are processed in a way different from conventional saponification. They are made from synthetic ingredients that do not mean they are not suitable for your skin. These cleansing bars are quite gentle.

  1. True Soaps 

Soaps developed in the traditional way consist of alkali salts, and they are the “true soaps.” These bars contain surfactants helpful in decreasing the tension between water and oil. Surfactants are best for capturing dirt and washing it away from your skin. A wide range of true and natural soaps are available in the market. If you are seeking an all-natural bar, then it is better to check for the ingredient before buying the soap.

  1. Transparent Soaps 

Transparent soaps are actual syndets or true bar soaps containing glycerin for better moisturization. The added glycerine contributes to making these soaps milder. The component present in the transparent soaps can also be irritating to the skin. It entirely depends on the ingredients and formulation of the soap. It is not necessary that a transparent soap is also a mild soap.

  1. Superfatted Soaps

Superfatted soaps are one of the true soaps with extra oil. The extra oil present in these soaps is not saponified. The superfatting of the soap helps in enhancing its moisturizing abilities and makes it lesser irritating for the skin. Some people find superfatted soaps not cleansing enough and heavy.

  1. Combination Soaps

Combination soaps are a combination of various cleansers that are designed with the intent to maximize cleansing while reducing irritation and dryness. These bars contain the combination of ingredients present in syndet bars and superfatted soaps.

How to Choose the Right Bath Soap?

After reading the different types of soap, you must be thinking about how to choose the right bath soap? Here are a few simple steps.

  1. Decide what is Essential for You

If you are dedicated to vegan, and natural skincare products, then trust me, traditional soaps are the best choice for you. Nevertheless, before buying the soap, read the ingredients as it is not necessary that all the traditional soaps are vegan. On the other hand, if you prefer buying soaps that are easily available and inexpensive, then you can opt for cleansers.

  1. Assess Your Skin Needs

It does not matter which type of soap or cleanser you are using; if it is leading to dry, itchy, or tight skin, then it is not the right one for you. The right soap is the one that leaves your skin refreshed and clean. And the most important thing is that if any soap is suitable for your friend that it is good for you as well.

We all have different skin types, and their response to the cleansers and soaps are also different. Before choosing the soap, it is best to try the sample products. It is one of the appropriate ways to choose the best bath soap for daily use. Pay attention to how your skin feels after using the soap.

  1. Get different Soap for Face and Body

A soap having strong cleansing abilities might be good on your skin, but it can be harsh for your face. The general rule is that face requires moisturizing bar than the body, so chose your soaps or cleansers wisely. Now, if you are wondering that can you use soap on the face? Then the answer is that as long as the soap is mild and non-irritating, you can use it on your face as well.

  1. Get Advice for Your Dermatologist

Dermatologists have better information about skin types and particular situations, so if you are still confused, you can ask a dermatologist for help. Taking dermatologist’s advice can help you in assessing your skin needs and choosing the soap accordingly.