New CompTIA A+ Certification Exams: Details You Need to Know


 The IT sphere is one such an amazingly dynamic field and this is evident in the number of opportunities and challenges it creates almost on a daily basis. Succeeding in your chosen path demands the possession of the pertinent skills to make you relevant in the job market. Fortunately, you can easily acquire such skills by simply earning the relevant certifications.

While there exists a consensus among the hiring managers that IT certifications are vital when looking for the most suitable candidate for a particular job, it is still critical to know the most invaluable certifications to pursue in order to enjoy the potential rewards.

CompTIA Certifications

Popular for its vendor-neutral IT certifications, CompTIA A+ Certification Dumps is ever committed to providing IT professionals with the relevant skills to keep them up to date in the volatile IT field. Some of the most in-demand certifications by CompTIA from this vendor include IT Fundamentals+, A+, Network+, Security+ just to mention a few. Having the certification helps candidates who aim to start their careers or upgrade their skills to build a successful career in IT.

To get any credentials, you need to pass one or two certification exams. It should be mentioned, that one of the best things about CompTIA is that it regularly reviews its exams to ensure they are comprehensive enough to help you address the challenges of the digitally connected world Exam2: 220-1002

This article comprehensively outlines the attributes of the CompTIA A+ certification under such aspects as the benefits of this certification, the skills it validates, the required exam as well as its renewal policies.

Benefits of the CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA prides itself on helping professionals establish careers in the IT-sphere. Whether you are at the baseline of your IT career or you’ve risen through the ranks, the CompTIA A+ certification can propel your career to a whole new level. Indeed, there could be no better way to make a great first impression at a job interview than possessing the relevant certification. That being said, your job prospects will undoubtedly look great after attaining the CompTIA A+ credential. Some of the job opportunities it creates include support specialist ($54000), field service technician ($46000), desktop support analyst ($60000), and help desk tier 2 support ($45000) to mention just a few.

Additionally, employers also reckon that individuals with CompTIA A+ certification are far much ahead of their uncertified colleagues in terms of productivity at the workplace. This is sure to increase your chances of earning a promotion at the workplace.

So how do you attain the CompTIA A+ certification?

Now, attaining the certification in question entails sitting and passing two exams in 220-900 and 220-901. However, two other exams known as the core series were issued in January 2019. The core series is a newly introduced version of the CompTIA A+ exams that is keen to develop problem solvers to counter various challenges in the digital world.

These two exams are the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002. Before looking at these exams in detail, here are the skills validated by the CompTIA A+ certification.

Validated Skills

CompTIA A+ is regarded as the foundation of any IT career. Simply put, it is the desired qualifying credential for technical support as well as the IT operational roles. Claims that CompTIA certification is all about PC repair are mistaken. In fact, CompTIA A+ certification prepares you to troubleshoot and solve problems independently. Besides, it also broadens your knowledge of various aspects of the IT platform including mobile devices and security and networking and operating systems.

In a nutshell, this certification validates as many as nine skills including hardware, Windows operating system, software troubleshooting, networking, security, mobile devices, hardware and network troubleshooting, operational procedures, and other OS and technologies. With such a wide range of skills it authenticates, its little wonder that the CompTIA A+ credential is regarded as the foundation of your IT career.

CompTIA A+ 220-901

Expanded coverage of mobile devices is a characteristic of the 220-901 exam. On that note, some of the topics covered by this exam include peripherals and adapters, system components, troubleshooting, and mobile devices, printer, and network hardware, and networks.

CompTIA A+ 220-902

The CompTIA A+ 220-902 exam, on the other hand, addresses the high diversity of technologies in the IT-sphere ranging from cloud computing and Linux to iOS and Android. This exam also covers various topics such as supporting Windows, along with supporting Linux, iOS, Android, Apple OS X.

Exam Description

Each of the two mentioned exams features 90 questions. The questions come in various formats that include multiple-choice single response, multiple-choice multiple response, drag, and drops as well as the performance-based questions. The duration of each exam is 90 minutes. In order to find the passing score, grading for both exams is done on a scale of 100-900. The passing score for the 220-901 exam is 675 while that for 220-902 is 700.

The Core Series 1 and 2

Similarly, the aforementioned new CompTIA A+ exams also cover a wide range of topics. The accent id is given to virtualization, cloud computing, and troubleshooting and security skills. Thus, the 220-1001 exam covers several aspects ranging from networking technology to mobile devices, hardware virtualization, network troubleshooting, and cloud computing.

220-1002 exam, on the other hand, is also known as the Core 2. It covers expanded security, installing and configuring operating systems, operational procedures, and software troubleshooting.

Thus, you can decide which exams to pass either 900 series or new ones. The thing that you need to take into consideration is to be able to complete the 900 series till 31st of July, 2019, as it’s their expiration date.

Recommended Experience

CompTIA recommends that you should have a 9 to 12 months hands-on experience in the field or lab prior to enrolling for the CompTIA A+ certification course.

Exam Preparation

Previous exam takers can attest that using reliable tools for your exam preparation is the only way to attaining a successful outcome. Here are a few tools to aid your preparation for these exams.


CompTIA is committed to ensuring you get the best out of their certifications bypassing your exams with flying colors. For this reason, they regularly produce useful eBooks to help you prepare for your certification exam.

These books are written by the industry-leading experts and they bear trusted content that will go a long to ensure your ultimate success in the exam.

Classroom training

To have proper preparation for the exam, you can check the CompTIA website to find the classroom training. Thus, candidates sitting for A+ credential can choose to take instructor-led training. Since instructors are real experts in the sphere they work in, they will help you ace your skills and share the tips that will assist in your successful passing of the certification exam.

Exam Dumps

There is no better way to put your knowledge to test than using exam dumps from reliable sources. The CompTIA A+ exam dumps feature a variety of questions, in the same manner, you would expect in the exam. Even though such questions may not appear in the actual exam, they are the best way to assess your knowledge of the topics and attain a positive outcome in the ultimate exam.


Your CompTIA A+ certification has a three-year validity period. It is only through enrolling for the CompTIA’s Continuing Education (CE) program that you will keep your certification valid once this three-years period elapses. The CE program is tailored to act as continued validation of your skillset.

This program allows you to increase the validity of your certificate at intervals of three years. Surely with the volatile nature of the information technology sphere where new opportunities and challenges arise every day, keeping your certification up to date is of the uttermost importance.

Bottom Line

In summary, it is clear that CompTIA A+ certification is a worthy credential if you are looking to take your career to a whole new level. The potential professional and financial rewards of this certification are worth the investment, to say the least. Take action now and be part of the vast majority already reaping the benefits.