The Salon Industry is Adapting to Changes Fast – Here is How it Currently Evolves


In the technologization context, we are due to see plenty of changes in the beauty salon industry. The market is already evolving and growing, rapidly adapting to some of the most recent modifications in the field. But the wide consumer is also a big advancement generator. Their demands form the establishments in the industry are evolving as well. They want to be treated similarly to how spas or hotel resorts treat their visitors. They want to relax and leave the salon feeling relaxed and pampered, even if a simple haircut is their visit’s motive.

But even in this context, the beauty salon industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Today, with a more personalized approach, tailored to each consumer’s needs and expectations, the hair salon industry is able to deliver services in a more informed and scientific approach. The sophistication levels reached by the hair colouring industry are turning into an intricate mix of aesthetic perception and scientific accuracy with which the colourists choose their products, shades and developers to achieve the dream shades of their clients. But many changes are implemented at a fast pace in the hair salon industry.

An evolving consumer is driving industry evolution

The consumer’s expectations are growing in terms of services received and the change takes place across all industries, not only the beauty salon sector. This means that new business models have to be implemented. Considering the fact that brick-and-mortar salons have been widely affected by behaviour changes, it’s the perfect time to see how online shopping and online services make the hair and beauty salon industry shift, overall.

Niche salons are growing in popularity. By specialising in a single thing and offering it in its very best form, salons that specialise in hair colouring or hair cutting exclusively are making a big hit. Many hair salons reinvented themselves by identifying a gap in the market and filling it. The trick is offering said services in their best form. Otherwise, clients are willing to travel quite a lot to get services that meet their expectations.

Boutique salons also grew in popularity a lot over the past few years. And the reason behind is an understandable one. Boutique salons have a more personal and intimate approach on their services, the customer’s visit is complemented by a cup of coffee, frappe or even a glass of classy wine, besides their bespoke services, of course.

High levels of customization

Besides the client’s need to have a unique and pampering experience while visiting beauty salons, they also want to have a highly tailored experience and services. Their lifestyle and preferences matter when thinking about customizing their hair salon visits. In hair colouring salons, being able to create the exact shade for which the client goes, regardless of the way in which their hair looks at the visit’s time, is a sought-after ability. This is one of the reasons why even the smallest establishments of this kind start searching for their colourists in more academic environments.

The barber shop salon niche is also booming. More men become attentive to their appearance and the demand for barber shops has grown to unexpected levels. As described by many players in the sector, the male client wants to enjoy a highly masculine experience, without overlooking their aesthetics. Beard care products have begun to make their appearance in barber shops all over the world, although until recently, the product industry targeted at men’s beards was shy.

More attention directed to salon assets

The salon industry is also more eager to protect their assets. The insurance industry has responded accordingly and now beauty salons can protect themselves against all possible scenarios. Covering a wide array of salons, the insurance industry offers tailored products to make up artists, colourists, tanning salons and spas, barber shops, waxing salons and body piercing salons. The list and go on, honestly, with such a wide range of niche salons making their appearance in markets all around the world.

But how has the salon insurance sector responded to the higher demand for policies for these establishments? By offering exactly what the consumer asks for, in the highest customization form available. Today, salons can navigate through a wide range of salon insurance policies.

  • Public liability insurance policies. Given the fact that hair salons and their employees come in the most intimate form of contact daily with their clients, these types of policies are in popular demand. Public liability insurance policies protect similar establishments against all types of damage that may occur on the client themselves or their personal possessions. While not all clients may choose to pursue action in court, salons don’t hesitate to invest in such insurance products.
  • Contents insurance policies. Due to the specifics of this business, hair salons can pride themselves with a high number of valuable contents. Salon equipment is expensive and replacement in case of natural disaster, theft, or damage will lower the profits sensitively.
  • Business interruption insurance policies. There are many instances when a beauty salon might face business interruption; natural disasters or damage to the assets are two of the main reasons. The loss of custom will be covered by similar policies, in this case.

The salon insurance policy industry is thriving by successfully offering the specific products the industry seeks.

A new salon model

The millennial consumer is confident, informed and looking for only the best products and services in the industry. Offering them a special and highly-personalised experience when visiting hair salons has forcefully entered the mainstream.

The self-perception and self-awareness levels grew sensitively high over the past decade and now the consumer knows exactly what they want. Having easy access to information from multiple sources allows them to make informed decisions in terms of their appearance and products.

Consumers love their salon experiences not only because they allow them to look in a very specific way, but also because of the experience as a whole. Leaving the salon with a fresh look but also a new state of mind is their go-to type of experience.


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