How to Tell if a Hair Extension Supplier is a Scam

hair extension supplier

The human hair extensions industry has become a very lucrative business reaching billions of dollars in revenue each year. Women from all walks of life are buying hair extensions to enhance their hair’s volume, depth, length, and overall attractiveness. But whether you are a hair extension retailer or a customer, one question always bothers: is the Brazillian, or Indian hair you’re buying really coming from these countries? And the question that mostly arises is that how to tell is a hair extension supplier is a scam?

Real hair from real sources is very important, especially if you are looking to pull off these hairstyles for long hair.

In many cases, when you buy hair from specific origins, the hair actually is not from where the supplier says it is. This is one of the most common scams seen in the hair extensions industry. Both hair retailers and suppliers are selling hair that is made mostly in China but they label them as hair from various exotic countries.

So as a hair extension retailer, how do you find a hair extension manufacturer that does not scam you? How do you tell if your Chinese hair supplier is actually supplying hair acquired from Brazil, India, Mongolia, and other countries?

It all starts with your search for a hair extension supplier. Many people believe that nearly all the Chinese hair extension manufacturers are not truthful when it comes to the hair extensions business.

In my experience and personal opinion, I do not believe that every Chinese company is a scam. It’s just that you have to look beyond the minute details when you are searching for a manufacturer.

For example, I have seen a lot of hair extension retailers who try to cut affordable deals with resellers that are available on wholesale online platforms like Alibaba.

Let me tell you, Alibaba charges a lucrative fee from suppliers that list their products on the platform. It wasn’t always like this but in 2019, the fees of being on the platform are causing a lot of manufacturers to make shady deals.

This includes selling hair extensions with fake country origin labels. So, one of the first steps to avoid is to completely stop any dealings with manufacturers on this platform.

If you want someone who is reliable and truthful to manufacture and supply hair extensions to you, then get the help of Google.

Nearly every good hair manufacturer has moved from wholesale platforms and now have their own websites where they deal directly with customers. This is where you will find the best manufacturers who will not spam you.

I have been buying my hair extension supplies from, a Chinese hair extension manufacturer that is honest with me. For years I have been supplied with real hair. I am a fanatic when it comes to hair extensions and I can instantly tell if a hair extension is low quality or is fake.

In my experience, it is always better to deal with individual wholesalers than looking for them on platforms like Alibaba. You’ll just have to make an effort of finding one and then doing a complete assessment and research before dealing with them.

If necessary, always ask for samples. Many good manufacturers don’t mind sending you sample stuff before the big deal is signed.