No Mercy In Mexico: What Is The Real Story Behind It?


A video is getting viral on some social media and circulating worldwide with the hashtag ‘No Mercy In Mexico.’ You must have heard about the video shared by several people; everyone wants to hear the truth behind this.

 Millions of people have already watched this video, and some are still untouched by this. Although many videos are getting viral with the same thumbnail, real videos are hard to find. 

So, in this article, we will give you complete information about the viral video of ‘No Mercy In Mexico.’

What is the ‘No mercy in Mexico’ video on TikTok?

TikTok is a trending social media platform where anything can get viral within seconds.

Recently, two videos have gone viral; however, one of them is quite brutal. As the name suggests, ‘No mercy in Mexico’ states that there is no humanity in something.

Let us unveil the story behind it:

A brutal video of Mexico has created a buzz everywhere on social media platforms where a man harshly beats a woman through some objects. 

Another merciless video, getting a trend on the Twitter handle, where two person, a father and his son, were being tortured to death. To save, the second one tried to fight back, but the tormentors thrust a knife into his heart. It is quite horrible to listen to and watch this video.

Let us look at the story in detail:

‘No mercy in Mexico’: Trend on Twitter

This video is trending on Twitter and grabbing everyone’s attention. This video is very brutal and unmerciful. In this video, two person, a father and his son, are sitting, and it begins with a conversation in Spanish-language between the father and a cartel member.

The cartel could not tolerate the snitches and stuck the father with sticks. They give head knocks to his father, fracture his bones, slice his throat, and leave him beheaded. Meanwhile, the son is lying on the ground and witnessing his father’s death.

The son was a teenager, so he could not fight back with the gang. With no hope for his father’s life, the boy was also killed after several major injuries and cuts.

Their bodies were burned after their deaths. This story shows how brutal, messed up, and inhumane the cartel is.

This small video clip has amazed people; therefore, everyone wants to know the truth behind the story.

From where to get the ‘No Mercy In Mexico’ video?

After this case, several fake videos are getting viral with the same thumbnail just to mislead the people.

However, the real video has been deleted from most of the websites as this video contains many brutal scenes. And in some of the videos, the scenes were hidden with graphics.

Some people are seeking the complete video. Initially, this video got viral on Twitter and Reddit, and later, it came to other platforms on the internet. You can get the ‘No mercy in Mexico’ link on youtube, but you can not watch clearly as the brutal scenes are hidden.


You have read the whole story behind ‘No Mercy In Mexico.’ It was speechless to watch this video, and it depicts how anyone unafraid of law and order leads to someone’s death. People’s interest in watching videos has left them terrified. That brutal video questions humanity. It was completely ‘No Mercy In Mexico’ Twitter gore. People are seeking justice for both father and son. Furthermore, these types of videos have a negative effect on teenagers. Therefore, they must avoid watching the video. 

Hope you understand the story of ‘No Mercy In Mexico .’Leave a comment if you have any further questions.