Detailed Guide On OddsJam


ODDSJAM – The most cutting-edge arbitrage and value betting software to outperform US and Canadian betting sites are “OddsJam”. Both amateur and expert sports bettors may benefit from their services at monthly rates based on your knowledge.


Regularly, its arbitrage & price trading software displays hundreds of inflated odds. As a filled arbitrator and values bettor since 2013, I’ve utilized numerous such services. I evaluated each key instrument at OddsJam, and if you require quick, precise software which can identify overpriced results in real-time, I advise using it.

Advantages of utilizing OddsJam:-

  • Every important sport is covered. 
  • cheaper than the majority of high-end arbitrage software (they focus on EU bookies) 
  • Each major bookmaker in the USA and Canada will offer you inflated odds. 
  • A rapid rate of odds refresh.
  • A comprehensive manual for newcomers 
  • They cover three betting systems: matching, arbitrage, and price betting. 
  • The safest and most reliable method of profiting from sports gambling 
  • a user-friendly interface 
  • They are currently available for a free trial!

Negatives of OddsJam:-

  • Dependable yet rather new service 
  • No pre-match membership plan is available; however, you can check them out with the 7-day trial version.


  • The quickest tool for real-time odds analysis that shows differences between odds at US and Canadian sportsbooks 
  • Although you do not even have much knowledge about some of these tactics, their fantastic interface, which enables good mobile sports betting to be approachable, and their wealth of user guides and advice enable you to begin creating sure gains. 
  • They back the two most lucrative betting methods, value betting, and arbitrage.

As a result of the following, savvy US and Canadian gamblers have access to brand-new good betting possibilities: 

  • Greater and greater states in the US are legalizing sports betting, which is a relatively new sector. 
  • The use of sophisticated betting tactics is not very common in any country. 
  • Most bookmaker scanning services do not include bookmakers in the United States or Canada.
  • Less knowledgeable players translate into greater opportunities for winning wagers and a lower likelihood of having your max bets restricted. 
  • OddsJam is scanning all bookies at a relatively quick refresh rate. 
  • You could pay for the monthly membership plan by making a few sure bets.

Alternatives to and Rivals of OddsJam:-

Without the need for a doubt, OddsJam is by far the most sophisticated and effective sure bet or value bet finder available to residents of the US and Canada. Its monthly costs, nevertheless, could appear a little bit excessive to some gamblers.

Review of OddsJam: Is it truly worth it? 

This OddsJam evaluation can assist you in improving your sports betting outcomes if you reside in the US or Canada. When you have no guidance, picking the ideal path to be a profitable bettor isn’t always evident. 

Despite having a few bookmakers in my little country in Europe, I’ve managed to make thousands of euros each month.

This outcome was attained with $50 to $100 sign-up incentives and only modest stakes. 

If I could have access to bookmakers in the US, Canada, and OddsJam, the amount of money I could make is beyond what I even wish to consider.

1. OddsJam’s arbitrage betting 

Have you previously considered betting on sports and generating money regardless of whether the team or player wins? 

  • Thankfully for us gamblers, bookmakers frequently make mistakes. 
  • They consistently provide expensive results. 
  • You can profit from these unfavorable odds by betting on both results. 

By making a wager on the incorrect odds and ensuring another result at another bookmaker, you can make a profit that is assured and risk-free.

You can discover these sure bets by considering the information below: 

  • There is intense competition among betting companies. 
  • They aim to provide the greatest odds they can. Not all receive the same data and information on clubs and players. 
  • A few cannot respond quickly enough just to new information or events. The odds won’t accurately represent the likelihood of the event.

It is not an overstatement to imply that you may earn $3000 to $4000 from the couch. 

I’ve become a profitable sports bettor for more than eight years. I have tried to employ the most reliable bookmakers and bookmaker scanning solutions. 

My experience has shown OddsJam is the best value or arbitrage gambling program in the US.

2. Centre betting 

They can detect and offer intermediate betting options with their program as well.

What are these intermediate wagers? 

These lucrative betting chances can be discovered on point or handicapped marketplaces (most of the time). 

They would seem like an investment opportunity; however, the lines may vary by one point.

As an illustration 

betting on an NBA game above 150.5 total and hedging some other result at under 151.5 

Since both your bets would succeed if the game’s final score is 150 points. 

Users have had the option to place straightforward arbitrage bets and gain a small portion of each wager. Your earnings may be much bigger if you strike it lucky and succeed in both of your wagers!

3. The OddsJam app from the App store 

Innovative concepts and a desire for ongoing improvement are prerequisites for moving forward to achievement. This holds for the smart gambling sector as well. 

In 2022, OddsJam released its online player prop gambling software, which enables you to quickly assess and locate player props with the best deal in all big sports, including the NFL, MLB, and NBA. 

Our gambling app facilitates your player prop analysis by compiling all the sports gambling information you may require for smart decisions.

By getting access to many filters, including those for the number of games, you would like the data from, home or distant games, over or below marketplaces, etc. 

This software can analyze your betting prospects uniquely using actual, statistical, and cost-free data.

4. Price betting with OddsJam Positive EV 

My primary method of making money from sports gambling is price betting. Despite starting this betting method too late, I could still use it as my primary source of revenue. 

The method relies on betting on results with inflated odds. Using this odds price comparison site, basic statistics, as well as mathematics:

  • Statistics could be used to calculate the likelihood of a result. 
  • This percent is transformed into odds. 
  • You could eventually outperform the bookmakers if you locate greater odds than the likelihood of anything happening.

Whenever betting on value, you do not pay the alternative result. While doing so involves some risk, price betting ultimately proves the most successful. 

Long-term profits from betting with Positive EV (estimation) indicated by OddsJam may range from 50% to 60% higher than those from arbitrage gambling.

Value gambling illustration: 

You might learn how valuable you can be by employing this method using a specific coin toss instance. 

You have a 50% chance of correctly guessing if you flip a coin. As a result, you may purchase something for $100.

5. Oddsjam examines bookmakers 

The bulk of bookies analyzed by OddsJam is listed here. Since they frequently cover new bookies, you must also review their updated list. 

Bovada and other offshore websites are not protected. These Bovada rivals are also providing some fantastic betting promotions. Several of these gambling sites permit and use it without authentication. Several anonymous gambling sites accept US players as well. 

6. Education manuals 

Over 100 posts on the services and basic gambling tactics are available on OddsJam’s betting educational blog area. 

If you’ve never taken a single investment, you could still start making money from sports betting.

When you don’t use every bookmaker, you can use this option. It may be frustrating to receive messages from unwelcome bookmakers and sports gambling marketplaces. 

  • Email alerts can be enabled or disabled for each service. 
  • You can remotely evaluate the number of possibilities with or without visiting the location directly.

Is OddsJam a trustworthy site? 

OddsJam didn’t launch until 2021. But depending on my interactions with them rather than the feedback of its unique visitors: 

I can confirm that OddsJam is indeed a trustworthy business and that US and Canadian arbitrage bettors have never encountered a better instrument for this activity.

An overview of using OddsJam:-

Customers of OddsJam’s sports gambling program can place wagers on a range of sports and activities and discover the best odds.

Increased revenue: By assisting users in locating the best odds for a specific event or marketplace, OddsJam may see a rise in revenue. 

Speed and effectiveness: Compared to performing it personally, OddsJam can swiftly scan the market and choose the best odds, saving time and effort. 

Convenience: Instead of visiting many sites and individually placing bets, customers of OddsJam can place wagers on various bookies from a unified system.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “Odds Jam”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.