Effective Ways to Offer Help!

offer to help

Offer to help

These are some helpful English phrases to offer to help to depend on the situation. They are ordered roughly in order from most informal to most formal. I’ll do something. It is a very casual way to offer to help someone. Use this phrase if you’re sure the other person will appreciate your assistance. 

  • I’ll get everything we need. 
  • I’m holding the door open for you so you can enter.

Let me do something. If you want to be more polite but still friendly, use “Let us…” Here – let us adjust the seat for you! That’s a good idea. Let us find out for you. Why don’t we exchange contact information, and you can get back to me later? You can also try saying, “Let us…”: Let us exchange business cards. We can also say “Let us…”: Let us exchange business cards! Even though “Let us…” is phrased as if it were a request, it’s pronounced as if it were a command. Your voice rises at the end. Do you want to come along? You can also omit “Do” at the start in spoken English: 

  • I’m heading out to grab some lunch. Would you like me to pick you up anything? 

You can also drop off “Do”: 

  • I’m heading out to get some lunch. Would you care to join me?
  • Do you want me to (do something)? Do you want (something)? Similar to “Do you want me to…”, this phrase is a bit more formal. Do you want me to close the window? You might use “Do you want …” with customers or relations you don’t see very often.  
  • I can do (something). You can also make offers with “I can …” For example, a worker in a clothes shop may say this to a customer: “I can assist you with that”. Or you can say to a guest in your home: “I can adjust the temperature if you want”. 
  • Can I do (something)? In formal situations, you can offer help by asking, “Can I…?” It makes it seem like you’re pleased to help. It is a good choice for social situations like having guests in your home. 
  • I would be happy to (do something). It is another formal phrase. You can use it in business and professional situations. We have a few more minutes, so I would be happy to take some questions from the audience.

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