Olivia Culpo’s Famous Trilogy Engagement Ring, 2023


Engagement rings are the perfect symbol of the love and bond that grows between two individuals. If you visit the market, you will find it flooded with numerous exotic designs. You can use them to inspire your engagement ring, ensuring you can delight in your purchase and relish it forever.

However, no ring, however stylish, can replace the muse we achieve from the rings of celebrities. Every year, we witness them blessing our feed with alluring designs of their engagement rings, followed throughout the year.    

Olivia Culpo’s stunning masterpiece

This article discusses the famous engagement ring of Olivia Culpo that blew the fashion industry with its alluring style in 2023. 

The model, now 30, was spotted wearing the ring she received from Christian McCaffrey, 26, on Tuesday, April 11. Her splendid engagement ring has been the talk of the town ever since.

It is a diamond ring featuring a gold and platinum setting and a huge oval cut diamond with two smaller epaulet side stones. 

The inspiration behind the ring

Ring Concierge posted on its Instagram Stories that Christian acknowledged Olivia’s love for ovals. Therefore, it was decided that a perfectly cut beauty would be utilized to produce a magical ring that could show off the enormous diamond. 

Afterward, the jewelers chose by hand two five-sided diamonds that would complement the primary stone and provide even more shine to the finished product.

The ultimate item

Olivia Culpo’s new diamond beautifully befits a princess, although it does not come in the princess cut. Jeweler Jessica Flinn-Allen, who was not involved in creating the ring but is widely known as a diamond industry expert, estimates that the stone in Culpo’s bauble may weigh up to 8 carats and be worth close to $600,000.

Sharif Khan, a renowned diamond dealer at Petra Gems, thinks that the center stone weighs around 5 carats and estimates the ring’s value at roughly $450,000 to $480,000 putting it on the high end of the price range.

Olivia Culpo’s ring is platinum and features a trilogy design with diamond side stones shaped like a Cadillac or an Epaulet. The oval center stone is a big, brilliant cut diamond that weighs 8 carats.

The hidden meanings

The ring features a large oval cut diamond as the centerpiece and two smaller stones on either side, known as epaulet stones. The setting is made of gold and platinum, a popular choice for engagement rings as it provides durability and enhances the brilliance of the diamonds. The three-stone ring is a classic and timeless design illustrating a relationship’s past, present, and future.

The trilogy ring can also be interpreted to signify love, loyalty, and companionship. The center stone represents love, the stone on the left implies friendship, and the stone on the right embodies fidelity.

Another interpretation of the trilogy ring symbolism is that each stone conveys a different aspect of a couple’s relationship. For example, the center stone could represent love, the stone on the left could embody commitment, and the stone on the right could characterize communication. 

Since 2022, the oval cut has been enjoying a surge in popularity, and this trend is not likely to go away in 2023. If you choose this cut for your engagement ring, you will realize how a conventional trilogy-style setting is given a more up-to-date appearance. This is made possible by the design’s use of side stones with unusual shapes.