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Are you looking for an easy way to improve your feelings or make your future happen? Your next cute nail design might be the one that helps, mainly because 2024’s popular nail looks are so amazing that you want to get ideas from them.

No matter if you like your nails long, short, or shaped in a certain way, there are 2024 trends for preppy nails that might work for you. Look at the best nail art ideas for the upcoming year and prepare to save them. (Then, call your nail expert.) Here is the list:

List of Preppy Nails Ideas

Groovy French

Nguyen mentions a French-style manicure in which the light base contrasts with a bright, strong tip. Look out for this fashion choice, like Dua Lipa’s design made especially for her nails.

Oat Milk Latte

Make latte nails, but make them quiet and rough. This fancy-feeling colour and 3D nail art will be very popular in 2024.

Muted Mocha

Choose chocolate swirls on a natural base for a quieter version of the previous trend.

Textured Ombre

Arnold thinks using earthy colours blended with happy and bright shades will become popular. These are like modern textured ombre styles, too.

Mod Monochrome

Nguyen shows special drawings and arrangements like twirl shapes and unusual French tips, as things to look forward to next year. We like this single-color version of the style.

Psychedelic Vibes

Arnold also thinks we will see many spiritual, fake, and surreal (and therefore very amazing) with psychedelic feelings like this great style.

Preppy Nails Purple Tip with the embellishment of Gems:

Make your preppy style fancy by adding Purple French tips with small, pretty stones. This mix makes the basic French nail job better and adds a kingly colour to make your nails look rich.

Plaid Nails

Enjoy the time staying warm with plaid nails. Here, warm colours meet old patterns. This design lets you feel the spirit of fall in your hands.

Pretty Cherry Red School Girl Nail Artwork Design

Get your fingers burning with the attractiveness of Cherry Red Preppy nail art design. The bright, yummy red gives a strong memory and adds excitement to the usual preppy look.

Preppy Nails Sparkly Swirls

Who says preppy can not look amazing? Preppy Nails with Sparkly Swirls add a touch by using glitter in your swirl patterns. This makes each hand move to grab attention.

Zesty Lemon Citrus

Give yourself a new look with Zesty Lemon Citrus Preppy Nails. This design has good vibes and energy, using cheerful yellow colours like a lemon. It shows the fun, happy side of preppy culture.

Pink and Purple Plaid Nails

Mix the cold colors of purple with the sweetness of pink for a plaid that is as girlish as grown-up. It is a new version of the usual pattern that will get people to look.

Flowers Preppy Style Light Purple Nail Art Design

Add a touch of flowery beauty to your preppy nail collection. Pretty Purple Nails with Flower Pictures are a nice thing for spring. They give you a clean style look and easily bring beauty to your hands.

Nude Minimalist Preppy Nails

Nude Preppy Nails gives those who like simple things a basic look that matches any outfit. These nails are all about simple beauty, making them a preppy-fitting choice of clothes.

Nude and Spirals Simple Nail Designs

Make your naked preppy nails look better by adding little swirls. This design combines both worlds: simple colours’ calmness and patterns’ fun creativity for a nice, modern style.

Blue Swirl Pattern on Preppy Style Nails with Coffin-style Cuticles.

This amazing design mixes fancy. It has coffin-shaped nails decorated with blue swirls. It is a special mix that grabs focus, great for people who like to mess with standards.

Preppy Nails Pink Swirls

Celebrate your girl side with Preppy Nails Pink Swirls. This design gives a gentle, romantic feel to the preppy look. It has swirls in soft pink colours.

Preppy Nails Abstract Swirls

If you like to experiment, the Abstract Swirls is the place to go. This design is more than just normal; it adds unexpected curves and shapes that create a special preppy look.

Multicolor Pastel Swirls Nails

With this fun design, your nails will look like a pretty painting. Light-coloured mixes give a fresh look and will grab attention. They also show off your style for fun but fancy clothes.

Shiny Pink Chrome on Preppy Nails.

Get yourself into the attractive appeal of Pink Chrome. This shiny style adds a modern touch to old preppy looks. It combines bright pink colors with a metal finish that gives a hint of luxury.

White Timeless French Tips

Make your style shine with the timeless class of Preppy Nails White French Tips. This design shows classic style, a sign of fancy culture where sophistication meets simple good looks.

Butterfly Light Blue Nails Design

Join a silly land with Butterfly Light Blue Preppy Nails. This style mixes simple butterfly patterns with soft light blue colors to make a dreamy, clear, prep-made feel.

Star and Glitter Vacation Nails

The stars and faraway galaxies in space inspired these designs. Good for night-time activities or looking at stars on a quiet beach, your nails will be the best part of your vacation story.

Purple and Pink Preppy Nails for Girls

enjoy the fancy mix of Purple and Pink Preppy Nails. This design is perfect for people who love colours. It mixes two bright shades in a fun and smart way, making your appearance more lively with some fancy style.

Blue Nautical Preppy Nails

Get an awesome look with Blue Nautical Preppy nails. The blue color reminds of boats, showing the style of fancy people with an ocean-like look.

Smiley Preppy Nails Face 

Make your fingers happy with Joyful Smiley Face Cool Nails. These nails are not just a fashion. They show the happy, positive feeling that is key to preppy style.

White Preppy Nails with a Classy Glow

Make your nails look good with Pearly elegance in the White Preppy Nails design. This style mixes the beauty of pearl patterns with light white shades. It makes it look like high-end clothing, which is great for people who love simple and classic looks.

Royal Regal Blue Preppy Nails

Put yourself into the beautiful color of Royal Blue Preppy Nails. The deep blue color gives an important feel, making your preppy nail set more classy.


What are the nail art styles for 2023?

In 2023, another popular nail style will be the “marble” nail design. This method copies the appearance of marble stone and can be made in many different colours and patterns. The marble pattern creates a fancy yet simple look. Graphic designs will also be very important in 2023.

What color are milky nails?

Getting a white nail job at home or in the salon is simple. First, get ready with a beginning layer. Then all you need to do is choose the best color for yourself. Try a white nail polish colour like Essie’s Marshmallow if you want a simple, classic, light look.

What color are 2023 nails?

In 2023, a big fashion trend is fancy white nails called pearl nails. It involves painting your normal white nail colour, like OPI Funny Bunny, with chrome that looks like precious pearls on top. Some people are happy, while others are dismayed because French manicures have returned to style.

What is a creamy French nail style?

A normal French manicure mixes light pink or clear nails with bright white tips. However, a milky French manicure uses almost see-through creamy off-white nails that make a very gentle difference between the coloured base and the tips. The effect is not as sharp and clear as the traditional French mani.

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