Genshin Impact: The Detailed Guide for Orb of the Blue Depths

orb of the blue depths

Orb of the Blue Depths – In its 2.6 release, The Chasm adds additional small missions to Genshin Impact. Unlocking the “Locked Door in the Nameless Ruins” is among such side tasks. You must locate every orb of the Blue Depths in order to accomplish this. We’ll explain where and how to acquire all 9 orbs throughout this tutorial. So don’t skip it; read it all.

Whereabouts of all nine Orb of the Blue Depths

With the Chasm of Genshin Impact, travelers must combat nine ghostly husks in order to acquire these 9 orbs of the Blue Depths. An Orb will be dropped when you vanquish a Mysterious Hollow shell, and it will be placed in your collection when the battle is over. These shadowy husks can be defeated in any order. You don’t have to beat any one of the shadowy husks in order to reach another one like most other games.

Nevertheless, we strongly suggest you should make a note of the place’s name and location. This makes it more likely that you won’t confuse them.

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Edgetho: Destroyer of the Oath of Silence – 1st Orb of the Blue Depths

The first orb is named edgetho which is literally called the breaker of the oath of silence, Given that you cannot utilize the waypoint downstream of the Subterranean Canal, getting to Edgetho is rather difficult.

Use the waypoint Major Mining Southern portion of The Chasm and continue west to reach Edgetho. You’ll quickly discover Edgetho if you walk all along the wall.

Haltaf: The Younger – 2nd Orb of the Blue Depths 

The Second ord of genshin impact is called The Haltaf of The Young. Users should utilize the waypoint next to the Ruin’s Snake(See the map) to reach Haltaf.

When you arrive, leap downwards and you will discover Haltaf awaiting you.

Buliwyf: Protector of the Desolation -3rd orb of the blue depths.

Buliwyf, it might be quite hard to pronounce it, it’s also called the guardian of the desolation,

In contrast to the preceding Shadowy Husk, Buliwyf is invisible and nearly impossible for one to discover Bur here is the trick just utilize the waypoint at Stony Hallways and glide southward to reach its position.

When you notice a rectangle chamber protruding from a wall, turn to the eastern edge of the space. The fractured wall may crumble if you utilize Geo powers or hit it using a Claymore, revealing Buliwyf inside.

Herger: Jester of Crimson Eyes, 4th Orb of the Blue Depths

Herger The Jester of Bloody Tears is the fourth orb, which you can find if you follow the given directions.

Turn eastern using the waypoint in the middle of the Glowing Narrows.

Later, locate an exploding Geo mushroom in the vicinity of a shattered wall. Herger is hidden at the back side of the wall, which may be destroyed by using these Geo mushrooms.

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Hyglacg’s: Rebuked Servant – Fifth Orb of the Blue Depths

You may quickly locate Hyglacg simply by utilizing the waypoint along the Underground Canal. Pass through the ruins and begin traveling south. You’ll ultimately come across this Shadowy Husk in quite an open location after plenty of time investigating.

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Rethel: Slain of the Shattered Arrow – 6th Orb of the Blue Depths

Rathel is the sixth one in line his other name is “slain of the shattered bow.

Go westward after teleporting to The Glowing Narrows.

When you reach a drop-off, jump down to see Rethel gazing intently at a Lumenspar.

Roneth: the Banished Knight – 7th orb of the Blue Depths.

Roneth also called the banished knight is the seventh orb. follow the directions given below for accessing it.

Roneth’s location is accessible if you teleport to the waypoint east of The Glowing Narrows.

Follow the trail and set off the Geo mushrooms to explode.

After that, dive down where Roneth is waiting for you.

Serkir: Scribe of Blades – eighth orb in the blue depths.

Serkir is the second last in the line of orbs and it’s called the scribe of blades.

Go to the Unnamed Ruins’ southwestern edge.

He will finally be ready for you after you reach the stony section where the seeping mud doesn’t really blanket the floor.

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Skeld: Augur of the Screens – Ninth Orb of the Blue Depths

Skeld is the last one to find, You must have the Miner’s Key before you may enter Skeld’s location. You may check our instructions regarding how to obtain the Miner’s Core here even if you do not even already own this mission item. Go to the sealed chamber west of the Ad-Hoc Main Pipeline after you acquire the artifact.

Once inside, jump to the bottom of the chamber and search for the door that is barred so you may use the Miner’s Key to unlock it. When you open the gate, Skeld will finally appear in front of you.

In The Chasm, where to utilize the Orb of the Blue Depths

You can enter the Nameless Ruins’ hidden room by gathering all 9 Orbs. Visit the higher floors of the upside-down town in the Nameless Remains to access this region.

In order to implant the Orbs, locate a cube device nearby and connect with it.

After that, you can enter the hidden area to receive three boxes and a Strange Letter as compensation. You will also get the “Crede Tenebrae” award.

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